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Fake Whatever / my luck with nuzlockes
« on: July 10, 2018, 22:59 »
so i've been playing pokemon insurgence all day and well...
i tried doing an egglocke and failed miserably.

my first pokemon was a delta torchic but she died to poison before i even got another pokemon.

i tried it again and my first pokemon was a delta karrablast. however... she only knew tackle, play nice, and baby doll eyes... so once she encountered a geodude in a trainer battle i couldn't run from she was toast.
i did have another pokemon (a magnemite named bzzzt) but it was like level 4 and only knew tackle so i was reluctant to send him out.
the geodude kept using rock polish and defense curl, so... bzzzt actually managed to beat the thing.
i don't even know what happened but... i'm thinking of making a new religion out of bzzzt the magnemite.

have you guys had any horror stories or amazing luck in a nuzlocke before?

(by the way i put this in here because the game i was talking about was a fangame and it's not exactly official... if i need to delete this or put it somewhere else somehow please let me know)

Say Hello! / Re: howdy my dudes
« on: July 06, 2018, 15:53 »
Welcome. I repeat everything ^that guy said and such. If you're sorta interested in competitive battling, hit me up and we can brainshare or something like that.

thanks! i've wanted to get into competitive battling for awhile but (1) i've gone on pokemon showdown quite a bit but i;m just not that good at that sort of thing at all, and (2) i tend to play pokemon games for the story and having different pokemon on my team that i hadn't used before, so... yeah.

Say Hello! / Re: howdy my dudes
« on: July 06, 2018, 15:49 »
hey, welcome to the site, hope you have fun here, check out the discord too, it's fairly active

for avatar images, you just need a direct image link. mine, for example, is i think the size restriction is 100x100 pixels so keep that in mind too. i recommend imgur for your image hosting needs if you don't already have an image host you regularly use, it's pretty easy to use and it gives you the link pretty simply


Say Hello! / howdy my dudes
« on: June 29, 2018, 22:32 »
hey guys i'm keeyogree! i chose that name bc even though i know how kyogre's name is pronounced, i for the life of me can't stop pronouncing it like that :')

...and, of course, 'cause alpha sapphire was my first pokemon game. i know, i'm a fetus.
then again, i did spend most of my childhood envying the kids who owned pokemon games. my parents never let me get a ds as a kid for some reason.

i made this account bc i wanted to get insulted by the name rater (who is honestly pretty funny to me) but i also would like to talk about pokemon with people. i have like 2-3 actual friends ('cause i'm a sad loser) and like one of them actually likes pokemon.

i'm kind of still trying to figure out how to upload a link that works for an avatar so if anyone could help me out with that, that'd be pretty great.

so, how are y'all doing today?  :)

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