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Random Randomness / IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!!
« on: June 03, 2016, 16:33 »

Role Play / [P][A][Pw]--The 'Monster' Pokemon--[Ad]
« on: June 03, 2016, 14:49 »
It was the year 2002, and Rina(Look at my Form) was in Star Cave, hiding from all the Pokemon. She beleved that she had lived in there for 5 years, but was unsure.She was looking around the cave when she stumbled on some writing on a wall. It was obviously written quickly. Curiously, she read it.
"I don't have much time. I only have enough time to write this, and if someone is fortunate enough to read this, then thank you. I'm writing this and the event happened in 1900. All was great in Treasure Town, nothing was going wrong... well, not untill that fateful day. What fateful day, you ask? Well, the day when a small rock fell from the sky. The Pokemon decided it was no magor threat and let it fall to the ground. Oh how wrong they were, for as soon as it hit the ground, it burst into six small fragments that stuck themself on five young Pokemon, and they started to change. The grew bigger and scarier, and all of them had red eyes. Funny enough, they were Pokemon that had lost something and felt something else for all other Pokemon. Anyway, they attacked and started killing many Pokemon, so all the other Pokemon tried running from these Po... from these 'monsters'. After a year of the attack, me and five other Pokemon decided to lead these 'monsters' away. We lead them to six different caves; Aegis Cave, Labyrenth Cave, Inferno Cave, Spring Cave, Crystal Cave, and here, Star Cave. We were meant to seal up all the exits, but I managed to seal up all but one. I hope that the 'monster' that followed me doesn't find that exit, and that the others managed to seal up all of their exits... Oh no, 'it' found me! I need to..." then it scribbled out.

Hi, and welcome to my first roleplay on this site! I have NO idea HOW I figured out this in, like, 10 minutes, but it's AMAZING! Anyway, onto the...

1. Follow all rules!
2. I shall definately NOT allow god-modders!
3. No Mary Su/Gary Su!
4. 3 character per person MAX, and only 1 of the "Five young Pokemon"(If you choose to have one)!
5. All places mentioned in the text have one entrence/exit.
6. Five of the young Pokemon have reverted to their original form. The last one cannot, and has to have a lot of convincing done if they want to get back to their normal personality.
7. If people decide to make their one of the "Six young Pokemon"(If they choose to have one.) to their "Other Form", then, after a month goes by, they keep their form, but go to their original personality.
8. The Pokemon's level only depicts their stats, so you can choose any move despite their level.

10. Put "Monster Pokemon" in your form if you read the rules!

FORM(Remove bracets):
Are you one of the "Six young Pokemon"?:
Age:(If your one of the "Five young Pokemon"(Not the sixth one), put "He/She beleves he/she is 'age here' ")
Backstory:(If your one of the "Five young Pokemon"(Not the sixth one), just put "He/She doesn't remember")
(Remove below if you are not one of the Five pokemon)
Required thing to turn into other form:

Name: Rina
Gender: Female
Are you one of the "Six young Pokemon"?: Yes
Age: She beleves she is 15
Level: 13
Pokemon: Eevee
Appearence: Here
Backstory: She doesn't remember
Moves: Quick Attack, Bite, Helping Hand, Baby-doll Eyes
Ability: Run Away
Other: I'm not putting the password here! It's up in the rules!
Required thing to turn into other form: 20 Pokemon dies in frount of her.

Say Hello! / Howdy!
« on: June 03, 2016, 12:24 »
Howdy! I'm Mudkip124! :) I found this site while looking for nicknames for my Pokemon. Accidentally didn't nickname, though... :(
My favourite Pokemon game is Black, and my favourite Pokemon is Eevee!  :)
I hope that I have a great time here!  :)

Edit: Oh, and my BIrthday is on June 4th, which is in 2 and a half hours! :D

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