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[J][LP] The Once and Future (Slow)King [Pz][P][Ad]
« on: December 24, 2016, 20:35 »

The Once and Future (Slow)KingOver a thousand years ago, King Arthur, accompanied by his Arcanine and his Slowking, reigned over Pokémelot.  The greatest King ever to reign, it was not long before he fell into conflict with neighbouring kingdoms.  Amid battle, one of Arthur’s prized knights, Mordred reveals his deep-seated resentment for Arthur – by stabbing him.  Under his wife Guinevere’s reign, Pokémelot flourished – but not so under his son.  Pokémelot slowly fell to pieces, and very soon it was nothing more than a myth.

Now, rumours that the key to Pokémelot has been discovered are rife amongst both professional and amateur Pokémon Archaeologists.  They have been flocking to Oldale Town in droves since the press first released the find – but whilst the Professionals and Amateurs squabble amongst themselves, a group of people who wish only to find Excalibur and harness its great power – the Elgin Group – are nearing their terrible goal.


I’m not going to bother with general rules – I think everyone knows not to godmod, limelight etc., and I trust most of you to be respectful and polite.

Specific Rules
I have the right to refuse to accept you based on the standard of your application.
 Please give the wiki page on Arthurian Legend a cursory glance before making your first post.
Creation Sheet
Name: (All fair game)
 Age: (Amateurs 16+, Elgin Group 16+, Professionals 22+)
 Gender: (Any – please specify pronouns here if necessary)
 Amateur, Professional, Elgin Group:
 Appearance: (Doesn’t have to be long, but no images please)
 Personality: (Longer than appearance, please.)
 History: (A cursory glimpse is fine, take it easy on the tragic backstory.)
 Hometown: (All fair game)
 Pokémon: (Maximum of two, no Growlithe or Slowpoke evolutionary lines, no final stage evolutions unless your character is older than 35, NO legendaries.)

thanks gl <3