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Title: Gem Pile
Post by: 2OrSomething on February 27, 2017, 17:06
I may have shamelessly ripped this from another website whoops

The rules are basically one poster throws a gem into the pile, describing it in some way(what shape it is, what type of gem, color, etc.), and the next person to post has something happen to them, usually a power or something, based on the gem.


User 1: I throw a glittering blue gemstone into the pile.

User 2: Now you're blue(daba dee daba die, daba dee daba die,). I throw in a pink gem shaped like a hexagon.

User 3: You now have the ability to summon a Mega Sableye! I throw in a yellow triangular gem.

I'll start.

I throw in a shimmering opal.
Title: Re: Gem Pile
Post by: KWG08C on October 02, 2017, 05:02
I somehow noticed that there's a lot of pokemon from the monster egg group following me as if they were attracted to me, I'm scared and I don't know if they mistook the gem with an egg but the Aggron close to me is looking at me in a weird way (one of my arms is a metallic prosthetic limb)

I panic and run, throwing a golden semi-translucent gemstone with a rectangular shape.