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You want to help PKMN.NET? You have aspirations of being the next admin? Or, more likely, you're incredibly bored and just want something to do?

Submitting something you've written to PKMN.NET is easy. Really easy. At the moment we have two different submission methods:

1. Simply stick it onto an email and send it to seniorstaff[at]pkmn[dot]net. Please include PKMN.NET in the title, that way I'll know to fish it out of my junk mail folder. Also supply your id number somewhere to make crediting easier. Send myself a PM if I don't respond after a couple of days. I might have missed it. Or I'm probably being unfairly lazy.

2. Use our content submission system! Simply select the relevant section, name your page and submit it straight into our database!

Now, time for some FAQs!

Should I submit HTML with my page?

Yes please! It means we can put your page online even quicker!

I can't write HTML! Do you still want it?

If you don't know what you're doing then it's best to just leave it. I can write your HTML from scratch far quicker than it takes me to fix dodgy HTML. HTML is preferred, but not essential.

Do you have a page on HTML guidelines?

It's funny you should ask that.

There's a really coolz page on this other really coolz site, maybe I could submit that?!?

No. That children, is called theft, and is actually frowned upon here.

I've found an error/want to submit an improvement/want to do something troublesome on X page. Whatever can I do? Maybe I should cry?

No, don't cry! On the page in question you'll find a link in the right sidebar called "Suggest an update for this page". See if you can guess what this does. Additionally, right at the bottom of the bottom taskbar of a page you'll find a link called "Report errors on this page". Again, guess what that's for.

I've got no images to submit with my page. What should I do?

Don't worry. I can add images in myself if needbe. If you happen to have some however (and you have permission to use them) then it's best to email them in to seniorstaff[at]pkmn[dot]net. Either with your submission, or seperately, with a quick note explaining what they are!

To anybody who is considering submitting something, please, do it. Every page helps, and helps you to share your Pokémon skillz with slightly less able trainers around the world!

Richard and Blaziken:
I was considering writing up a guide for beating the Stargazer Colosseum sets once, since we have very little content for PBR, but I didn't think it'd actually be too useful. Perhaps I'll write it up after all... :>

I feel that one of the pages needs updating, but when I click on suggest an update (which I think would be better if it was a bit more visible!) I get some HTML that I don't understand and a box for my explanation. I don't know how to change the HTML, although I would like to find out soon, so I don't know what I should do with my idea. :S

Just put in an explanation only and we'll still find it.

Okay, thank you!

Submitted a couple of update doodahs. But I have another question.

Is such a feature usable on the dex or is that completely different?


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