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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child


You saw that right, there will be a new installment into the popular series. However, it won't be in book form (as of yet), it will be a play, and for those of you lucky to live near London, you can buy tickets to it, plus I do not now if it's true because the report said that this information was posted on Pottermore (and I don't have an account or go on the site). Can someone with an account or someone who at least frequents the site confirm this for me?

not chloe:
And guess who's got a pre-sale code *the smuggest of grins*

Yeah it's true. Pre-sale is this Weds and general is on Friday. The play is running from June to September next year I think. I'm proper excited because I'm gonna go see it with my buddies from secondary school who I barely see these days.

We don't live on your island, otherwise we'd probably get tickets. I really hope she decides to make it into a book.

when will that tory cow just let the series die shes already ruined it enough


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