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Peoples fave pokemon games?

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So, i was just curious about everyones favourite pokemon games , as i have heard various different opinions.
For me, my favourite is pokemon platinum, as it was the game i grew up with.

Pokemon X is my favourite one. I love the music and the various new Pokemon that were made available.

Captain Jigglypuff:
For me it is Platinum, Emerald, the Gen V games, Sword and Shield, and every one of the remakes. The Gen VII are good but not quite up there with my favorite games and X and Y just feel so incomplete to me. The first two Gens are good but the graphics and different gameplay and programming are hard to look at since we now have games that have much more content and graphics that look more natural than the original Mew sprite or Exeggcute in RB. The rest of the games are in the middle with RS being closer to being my favorite games.

For me its the red and blue. I grew up with those so I guess I´m kind of attached to them. Those were actually the first games I got for my gameboy. Sure, the graphics suck but they remind me of my childhood so i have to say that those are my favourite.

As a child I never got to play any other game than Pokémon Diamond, because I didn't have any excess money to purchase it. So I played that a lot and the nostalgia gives me so many good memories that I'd like to think it was my personal favourite.

But actually, since I've played each generation, I think the following:

Generation 4, the HG/SS games, were by far the best games in terms of gameplay. Even though it was a remake, the addition of always sprinting when the Running Shoes were on and the possibility of registering two key items were so simple yet so revolutionary, made my experience a whole lot better. It also had the most to offer: 16 Pokémon Gyms, an Elite 4 and Champion Lance and not to forget Red. There were so many legendaries to catch that you could be entertained for days. Lest not forget your Pokémon running behind you.

However, in terms of ambiance, no game other than the Black and White series are la crème de la crème. The OST is just the absolute best, epic music to accompany epic fights and the whole story of N is absolutely breathtaking. I loved to play these games.


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