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It's the newest esports sensation that's sweeping the (many) nation(s). Play as one of nearly 30 heroes with different powers, abilities and roles. It's exploded in popularity and there's a mode for nearly everyone, whether you like to play the classic "capture the point" quickplay, go into the toxic dump competitive, or take on one of the many fun and different arcade game modes.

So who else plays?

I play here and there, nothing too serious. I'd be up to group up if anyone wants a partner. I mainly play Tracer, Widowmaker and Hanzo.


--- Quote from: ErickWal on October 12, 2017, 16:53 ---Hanzo

--- End quote ---


But in all seriousness i'd love to partner up if not for the ps4 being "ur not 18 so you gotta wait to be able to "own" your own system". I play flex, but mostly i'm Reinhardt or Mercy/Ana

 I used to play a lot but I can't remember any of their names aha. I think I played as Zenyatta/Mercy and tried mostly healing but I honestly can't remember. Been meaning to get back into it though.

Mercy got a major rework. No more 5 rez and hiding. Her new ultimate is more fun anyways.


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