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Ways to get Event Pokemon??


George Broad:
Hello all,

(I hope this is the right section of PKMN to post this).
I'm looking to try and get Arceus somehow. I know they've got the special release of Arceus In Japan at the moment, however I have no idea how to tell someone I'm willing to trade for it.

Any hints, tips or ideas would be wonderful.

Also how is everyone doing in trying to complete the dex? Guess it's just the event pokemon left?


Event Pokémon are not necessary if you're after in-game rewards such as the Shiny Charm.

Some people give them away, for example on Twitch, they are pretty much always cloned though.

If you have an older game, Pokémon Bank and an AR (which are fairly cheap), you could try to generate the Wonder Card or key item so you can receive the event Pokémon normally, there should then be no difference between it and one you actually receive from an event. Instructions can be found online if you are interested in this method, or I can PM you further details.

George Broad:
Thanks for the info.

I'm all for completing the pokedex, however I kinda want to earn it or trade it if that makes sense? Makes it more fun for me. But I'll definitely bare that in mind.

I suppose you could apply the Ar method to some of the other event pokemon?

Also in regard to getting the shiny charm, are there any event pokemon that are needed to get the dex to a point where you can get it?

I want to know more about this. It will make me get more and more back.


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