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Does anyone have Action Replay Powersaves 3DS?


I've finally managed to talk my dad into getting me a GamePRo.

I will need to calibrate the GamePRo, and one of the best ways to do that is to be in the Battle Resort. The problem is, I've never been able to get far enough in the story to reach it.

Could someone give me either an Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire save that is already in the Battle Resort, so that I can calibrate the GamePRo properly?

I'll need to know if the save is for Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire when you share it with me.

why not play the game for yourself and do it.

I've never been able to complete R/S/E/OR/AS, I always get stuck at one point or another.

I suppose I could always ask for advice on how to progress when I get stuck.

I always start with Mudkip, unless I use the others for breeding. With that in mind, Omega Ruby is probably the best one to get through. I may need a little advice from time to time in order to progress through the story a little quicker.

I'll probably make another thread for that.

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