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Richard and Blaziken:
^Dark Pulse is redundant on Frosslass, as it lacks STAB and has the same coverage as Shadow Ball. Frosslass is mostly used as a Spiker with Spikes, Ice Beam/Blizzard, Taunt, Destiny Bond

Hitmontop can't even learn Stealth Rock, and Close Combat is much preferred over Hi Jump Kick. Foresight can be used to ensure the Rapid Spin.

Roar is pointless on Emboar, Wild Charge provides better coverage. Flare Blitz, Wild Charge, Superpower, Head Smash

Leech Seed > Giga Drain, Hidden Power Ice > Sludge Bomb

Gyarados should never be using special attacks. Dragon Dance, Waterfall, Earthquake, Bounce/Ice Fang is somewhat effective, though using Gyarados in OU is a bad idea, in my opinion.

That being said, I don't think the above is a good example of a hail team at all. I'd go with something like Abomasnow, Heatran, Tentacruel, Gliscor, Kyurem-B and Terrakion, or something close to that.

sans the skeleton:

--- Quote from: GYARADOS IS A BEAST on June 09, 2013, 16:49 ---No it was against my cousin whos 22 and knows about ev' and iv's so hah

--- End quote ---

Likely you were fighting against somebody that doesn't know what EVs or IVs are, then, because the average person would have smashed your team to bits. Richard&Blaziken is one of the best team builders on the website and I'd take his advice. It's very helpful.

No it was against my cousin whos 22 and knows about ev' and iv's so hah

Richard and Blaziken:
Since mods are nowhere to be found, I'll explain why what you've suggested is incredibly stupid. Don't fault me if you get lost along the way, I'll hold your hand through it as much as possible.

The Abomasnow set is a joke. You're setting yourself up to be forced out by Heatran constantly, which can either launch a Fire attack at you or setup Stealth Rock as you switch, which by the way, hits most of your team Super Effectively or neutrally, with only Hitmontop resisting it, and Hitmontop does not want to switch directly into Heatran, since Fire Blast will take rather large chunks out of it, while Lava Plume has a 30% chance of completely crippling Hitmontop with a Burn.

Speaking of which, let's talk about that. Nothing on your team can switch into Heatran with Lava Plume and Earth Power, two common attacks on Heatran. Everything except Emboar is hit Super Effectively by Lava Plume, or risks being Burnt by it, which would effectively shut it down.

Back to the Pokemon you've recommended. Frosslass using Dark Pulse is idiotic. Tell me what Dark Pulse is hitting harder than either Shadow Ball or Blizzard/Ice Beam. Answer? Nothing. Literally nothing at all. "Any move" isn't a suggestion and doesn't help a single bit.

Hitmontop, as you've recommended it, is completely walled by not only Ghosts, but by Poison types, most dangerously Tentacruel, who can setup a Substitute and Scald until it burns you, then proceed to spam Toxic Spikes, forcing you to keep spinning until the Burn and Hail damage kills you. And you've recommended Stealth Rock, a move that Hitmontop can't even learn. Good spinner choice. Also shares a Flying weakness with Abomasnow and Pignite. Ah, let's speak about that shall we?

Pignite. You're recommending a Pokemon that isn't fully evolved, is slow as hell, and has no power. And you've slapped Roar on it because... well, there is no reason to put Roar on an offensive Pokemon that can't take hits,  good job. Even if this was meant to be Emboar, the moveset is pathetically laughable. Flare Blitz, Superpower, Wild Charge, Earthquake/Head Smash@ Choice Band is the best Emboar has going for it, and it's outclassed many times over by better Pokemon that aren't absurdly slow.

Good job making a Tangrowth that is completely walled by Ferrothorn, one of the most common Pokemon in competitive battling. Hidden Power Fire or Ice is necessary on Tangrowth in OU.

Gyarados using Thunderbolt is hilarious to me. A Pokemon that should always be using physical attacks that is already walled by Ferrothorn and Rotom-W, and you're making it run a weak Thunderbolt off of his laughable base 60 Sp. Attack. Know what other Pokemon has base 60 Sp Attack? Spinda. If you want to use moves with the power of a Spinda, hey, go for it, have fun losing. The moveset I've provided allows Gyarados to setup and actually do some damage, but Gyarados has no place in Hail. It doesn't benefit it at all, and the hail is actually detrimental to Gyarados' already short lifespan. Gyarados really only has a place in rain teams where his boosted Waterfalls can do some damage, not where his health is constantly being chipped as it attempts to sweep. Also, great suggestion for the last move, any move is very helpful for people needing advice. I usually run Sacred Fire on my Gyarados, since it can learn any move.

Now I was respectful to you in my first post, quietly trying to guide the OP to a better team than the ridiculous one you've suggested. I've been into competitive battling for about 10 years now and have done more competitive battles with actual competitive battlers than you've likely done actual battles with anyone, ever. I've written entire guides on how to battle competitively, so if there's a reason that people listen to my advice, it's because it's backed by wisdom, experience and an unhealthy lifelong dedication to the competitive aspect of Pokemon. Beating your obviously unskilled friend means nothing at all.

Finally (and I'm just noticing this now), the OP needed help with this team a whole year ago. So on top of all your terrible advice, your post as a necropost that was completely unnecessary.

I thought being late to the party was fashionable..?

Lets calm this topic down now. I've removed the post in question, along with any references to it, and I'll be getting in touch with said member to remind them of the rules on this website. For the rest of you, keep it civil yo.



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