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Hello, this is my first time on these forums so I'd like you to go easy on me.
I'd like to know if my team is good enough for the Elite Four. :wub:

Emboar: LV60, Hammer Arm, Heat Crash, Head Smash, Flamethrower.
Carnivine:LV20 (I know) What moves should I give it?
Drifblim:LV45, Fly, Shadow Ball, Thunderbolt, Toxic
Espeon:LV50, Psychic(Choice Band?) , Skill Swap, Last Resort, Morning Sun
Magnezone:LV60, Discharge, Mirror Coat, Signal Beam(aargh!), Metal Sound
And my Golduck LV40 HM Slave.

Please reply and give tips!

Well first off welcome to the site. Second, your pokemon should be around lv. 60 or you may have hard time. Don't give espeon a choice band. Also, hammer arm should be replaced, emboar is already slow as it is, and also on emboar, you can use head smash, but sparingly.

I'm assuming this is eithe Black or White 2?

If so, then this is what I'd change:

Emboar is fine, for hold item I'd say maybe leftovers.

I'm assuming there's a reason you're using carnivine, so I'd give him
-> Crunch (Lv. 41)
-> Power Whip (Lv. 51)
-> Sludge Bomb (TM 36)
-> Return (TM 27)

Drifblim is good, maybe swap toxic for acrobatics and give him a flying gem (keep some spares, they're only one use)

For espeon I'd suggest
-> Psychic
-> Morning Sun
-> Grass Knot (TM 85)
-> Shadow Ball (TM 30)

Magnezone is ok, just swap metal sound for Flashcannon (TM 91)

As for levels, the E4 are in the high 50s, so if you get all your team up to around 50-60 you'll be fine. (Just remember revives and hyper potions ;D)


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