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Psych Up?


Just a quick question, but with Psych Up does it copy all the foes stat changes on top of yours or not? In other words, in the scenario of my Altaria using Draco Meteor (-2 SA) and then Psych Up on a +2 Hydreigon, would Altaria end up with:
A: +2 Special attack, by just plain copying his stat changes
B: +0 Special attack, by applying both stat changes?

I know it's not a great move, buuuut... It might be useful for a gimmick set later

"Psych Up copies both the positive and negative changes to the target's stats and replicates them onto the user. The target's Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense, Speed, accuracy and evasion are copied. Any changes made to the target's stats after Psych Up is used will not affect the user's stats."

From Bulbapedia, the wording seems to suggest it ignores any changes to yourself, so you'd end up with +2 SA in your example, but I've never tested it so who knows.

Okay, I might just attempt it on showdown and see if it works, although Altaria will get KO'd quite easily...

i can sit in a game and just spam stat boosts if you just wanna test that, i ain't busy

Oh yeah, that'd be great! I'll quickly make the set and PM you when I'm ready

Edit: In case anyone else didn't know, it's option A


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