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Quick Questions about my Double Battle team...

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Steel Winters:
I'm doing a Tag Team of Blissey and Gengar, and I'm rather new to the competetive battling scene...
The stuff in red text is what I'm not sure about, though any other input will be helpful. I will not change things in Blue Text for obvious strategic reasons. (In this case... Coverage of every type)

Leftovers/King's Rock
Natural Cure/Serene Grace
*Rock Slide
*Ice Beam

EV Spe/SpA
Choice Scarf/Big Root
*Focus Blast
*Dream Eater
*Shadowball/Trick Room

I'm not quite sure what blissey is doing, if I'm honest.

It's too slow to flinch hax, which seems to be the aim.
It can't wall, because walls don't work in doubles.
Rock Slide isn't great coming off of 10 base attack

Jirachi seems to do the job you want, but presuming you couldn't get him, Togekiss.

A small paragraph about what your strategy would be useful, as I can't quite tell what it's supposed to be doing?

Gengar needs substitute, and dream eater is useless with out sleep, besides, they switch out anyways. Always use shadow ball. Do not use choice scarf on it, use a Life orb or leftovers.

Blissey should never run any attacking move besides seismic toss. Toxic or thunder wave. Protect or aromatherapy. And Wish. Leftovers, natural care. and he ev spread is: 4hp 252def 252SpD

Also, here's the site that host pokemon showdown, it has the sets and pokemon in each tiers. Good luck:

Blissey can work well with any special move, actually, such as Ice beam and Flamethrower, not just Seismic Toss (which, IMO, is a very poor choice), it's just it's near useless in doubles, where walls don't work

Steel Winters:
Sorry I didn't read this earlier... I was toying around with the team for a while... And now I have something that works-ish.


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