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cradilly as a weather counter


storm drain
bold 252 hp 128 def 128
solar beam
sludge bomb/sludge wave
ancient power/ hidden power electric/ energy ball
this in theory makes and excellent counter rain switch in on a water atk with storm drain and set up with hidden power or sludge-wave depending on the poke
also for hail it takes advantage of abomanasnows grass typing while being careful of ice shard note this is a last resort as it can hit most ice but at the expense of taking supper effective hit and should not often be used
sunny take out ninetails and if your lucky a low concentration of fire types you would then spam solar beam

sandstorm ideally this should be used on a sand storm team it can function well due to the sp def boost and would be able to survive more it takes neutral ground damage and should be able to hit one with a heavy atk
and survive allowing  a counter strike if you switch in and properly guess the next attack

the only problem i see is its crippling speed
the use of gastrodon in its place is not as well functioning in the sun due to solar beam

any opinions on the set or problems  with it would be appreciated


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