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Hello everyone! A friend of mine developed a cool team for the Pokémon World Tournament. I'd like to see what other people think of my friend's team. They used a fusion of "Smogon and my own dash of love."  so it's not 100% their work. I'd like to see what others think of the team my friend worked.

CHANSEY: Softboiled, Substitute, Toxic/Seismic Toss, Sing. First of all, Blissey and Chansey have TERRIBLE (and I mean it!) offensive potential. So, Ice Beam and Dream Eater have been removed, as well as the Lucky Punch. Toxic is a suitable replacement, because the damage output is consistent, no matter what Pok'e Mon is using it. Same with Seismic Toss. This will always inflict 50 HP damage to the opponent, which is a lot, considering that most Pok'e Mon have no more than 200 HP at level 50 and thus an almost guaranted 3/4HKO. Substitute is for Stalling purposes, as well as Softboiled. Since Softboiled heals by percentage, it heals Chansey a lot, comparatively. Also, you can have two Substitutes and heal with one Softboiled, or one Substitute and some damage. Good math! Use Eviolite ONLY.

FORRETRESS: Spikes/Toxic Spikes/Stealth Rock, Rapid Spin, Volt Switch,  Toxic/Reflect/Bulldoze. First off, this is a great switch-in for Chansey. Why? The only thing that could hurt something is a Fighting-type move. Not just any Fighting-type move, but a Physical one. And what is Forretress' best stat? DEFENSE! So, let's start off with the traps. You pick a trap that you want (in this given set). Use it. Volt Switch isn't for the damage; it's for the switch, in case there's a Fire-type out there. You only have Toxic if your trap isn't Toxic Spikes. BTW two layers of Toxic Spikes = a free Tooxic on opponent switch-in. Reflect is to aid in your team's Defense. Bulldoze is to help your Pok'e Mon team's Speed stats (because they are all slow). Use Custap Berry or Light Clay.

SWAMPERT: Hammer Arm/Stealth Rock, Aqua Tail, Avalanche/Ice Beam/Ice Punch, Earthquake. I did some research, and Swampert is EXACTLY what your team needs. It's perfect: if there's a Fire-type threat on Forretress, switch to Swampert, and if there's a Grass-type threat to Swampert, switch to
Forretress. Hammer Arm is to deal damage (100 base? Yes please!), but the main reason is to lower the Speed. You may be like, "What the...? Why?", but it actually helps. If Swampert is slower, Avalanche will do twice the damage, and Avalanche is Physical, the attack category Swampert is geared towards. The other Ice-type moves are still to take care of the Grass-type threats, but they are used in conjunction with Forretress' Bulldoze strategy (if used). If you don't want Hammer Arm, go for another Stealth Rock. Aqua Tail is a good STAB Physical attack, as well as Earthquake. Use Leftovers or Focus Sash.

Please put your pokemon's sets into this format for easy reading.

Pokemon @Item
Nature +Stat -Stat


Hahex and Oshawott:
maybe it's effective but my god that set looks hella boring to use. nothing seems to actually kill anything apart from swampert so it seems like battles would take ages. I guess with these pokemon you have a lot of room for error, with chansey softboiled and everyone else's natural tankiness. Maybe it suits you but personally its not the kind of thing i would use.

having said that I haven't even been to the PWT yet...


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