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Hey. :]

I need some help deciding on what Eevee to put as a Jolteon and a Flareon. I've narrowed down all the Eevee's i've captured to about three suitable candidates for both. However, I have about 10 in my box (with three females, if that helps?) so - if you disagree with my choices and believe that another nature/characteristic is better suitable, please say so!

In any case, here are the three:

1. Calm ( Attack - / Sp. Def + ) and Impetuous/Silly (Speed ++)
2. Adamant (Attack + / Sp. Attack - ) and Thoroughly Cunning (Sp. Attack ++)
3. Modest (Attack - / Sp. Attack + ) and Likes to fight (Attack ++)

Adamant is best for Flareon as I believe it learnt Flare Blitz this generation (don't quote me on that, I just recall hearing it), and it's attack stat is massive compared to others.

Modest is the best of the options for Jolteon, but Timid would probably be the best, though there isn't a massive difference.

Thank you for replying! :] I appreciate it. Thank you, for rizzles, because I was itching for a reply so that I could continue on with the game. :]

Haha, you're welcome ^_^

Just a small thing, Jolteon can't take a hit very well, so it's probably best to be outspeeding things and killing them ASAP...

Vaporeon is recommended due to its high hp and defense, as well as good special attack.


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