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Am I the Only One That Uses Scrafty for OU Battling?

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Meowstic Royalty:
This is a question I've wondered for ages, since it has been AGES since I have seen a Scrafty in an OU team.

I use Scrafty because it is an amazing Dragon Dance sweeper if you give it a Focus Sash. It's speed is low so it can take a hit and survive with the Focus Sash, use Dragon Dance and then use that added speed to sweep with the moves Ice Punch, Drain Punch and Crunch. Sure, a priority move would end it before it started but Drain Punch alone gets five advantages and restores health too, along with getting a STAB bonus. Ice Punch is capable of taking down a few Dragon Types and Crunch has decent power with STAB and a couple added advantages. I have gotten many a sweep thanks to the fact that a few people forget it's a dark type and use Psychic on it. The Moxie ability raises Attack with each opponent knockout, so add that to Dragon Dance and the moveset already mentioned and you have a sweeping MACHINE.

I'm surprised Scrafty is in the UU tier. In the metagame, it really deserves more usage. (Despite now getting a 4X Fairy weakness. Damn Jigglypuffs.)

I use him! But I think part of why he's good is that he's in UU: There's a surprise when he's used!

His main problem is his fighting weakness, especially with no coverage move to hit them! On the plus side, dark has lost it's NFEness to steel this gen, although fighting will usually be superior (except against Aegislash!!!)

Meowstic Royalty:
As Aegislash is a Steel/Ghost type, and Steel has lost its Dark resistance, a Crunch could deal some damage. If it didn't keep changing stance of course -_-

That was my point, I was saying against steel, fighting would be the superior STAB, except aegislash due to his immunity to it ^_^

But yeah, stances suck, and Kings Shield could screw Scrafty over pretty bad :(

I love kings shield. It screws over so many pokemon, it's not even funny.


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