Author Topic: Teambuilding for Fun, or: Fun Ways to Build a Non-Competitive Team  (Read 1091 times)

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this goes out to everyone who just wants to play around without any of the pesky battle pressure

pick pokémon based on which abilities match you best (i tend to also include a couple for my brother because he's had a massive influence on my personality)
mine is as follows:
competitive - gothitelle
guts - machamp
klutz - lopunny
moxie - krookodile
own tempo - purugly

then, one for my brother:  justified - arcanine

in this way, you nab yourself a pretty personalised team, which is pretty cute

this one speaks for itself: pick pokémon based on your favourite colour(s):
mine are pink and yellow, so i go for:

this gives you a sik aesthetic for your team

if you like technology, you might go for magnezone and bronzong.  medicine, you could go for blissey.  just pokémon, nothing else?  sorry, bud, you're stuck with electrode.
i'm into archaeology, so i go for:
-porygon z

personality traits
pick 6 personality traits (or 3 key, whatever floats your boat), and pick pokémon based on those.  i go for: talkative, lethargic, irritable, emotional, two-faced and smart:

and there u have four ways to build teams without the crushing pressure of having to worry about them.  particularly good for ocs and fic.

thanks gl <3