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I'm recreating songs - Any requests?


I'm getting quite good at using Vocaloid now. I'd like to combine Fruityloops and Vocaloid (which I can do now) to recreate songs that people like. Any requests? It might take me a few days, but I'll give it a go.

No swearing in the songs, I'll make an instrumental version though.
No rapping/talking, screamo, or anything else that Vocaloid isn't capable of.
Stick to English songs, I'm not all that good with Japanese.
The song should ideally have a 4/4 rhythm. 3/4 is a little more complicated, even though Vocaloid and Fruityloops are both able to do it.
Be patient. Some songs may take me a while to finish.

I'm interested to see what people challenge me to do. Just try not to make it too challenging!

I'm probably going to do film songs and pop songs to start with.


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