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What genre is this?


I like playing with a music program called Fruityloops.

I keep making music like this.

It seems like the only style I'm good at when making my own music from scratch.

What genre would you say this is?

I want to say Eurobeat, but it's probably closer to electro.

I'm not really big on electronic music beyond trance and dubstep.

I've been good at making music like this since playing with Dance Ejay years ago. The music I could make with Dance Ejay was very limited though. This is why a lot of the music I make sounds very similar. I have no idea where to find inspiration elsewhere.

Can anyone give me some Youtube videos of different Electro music? I'd like inspiration from places other than Dance Ejay.

the bread dragon:
some cool bleep bloops:

autechre - acroyear2
venetian snares - chinaski
burial - archangel
aphex twin - windowlicker


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