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Mega bump but I just found this really useful team building tool. Gives you suggestions of partners for pokemon based on typing and ability:


A brilliant tool thank you very much Dan, -bookmarks between the pokemon TD game and the google guitar-

Could someone give me a good mixed moveset for


Item: Miracle seed

Nature: Impish

Level: 58

Richard and Blaziken:
Meganium is honestly the worst of all the starters, it's beyond bad.

Meganium@ Leftovers
Impish nature (+Defense, -Sp. Attack)
EVs: 252 HP/ 252 Defense/ 6 Attack
Razor Leaf
Body Slam
Swords Dance

Swords Dance and try to OHKO Magikarp. Body Slam in case that Magikarp is actually a sleeping Charmander. Synthesis keeps you alive.

Note: Physical Meganium is horrible and walled by Steel types forever. Meganium in itself is a crappy support Pokemon whose best use is Light Clay Dual Screens. Even then, there are like 630 better options. .-.

Edit: Meganium gets Seed Bomb via HGSS tutor. Use that over Razor Leaf.

What about frenzy plant?


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