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Title: HGSS progression thread
Post by: sans the skeleton on May 07, 2016, 16:11
so in this thread you just tell us where you're at in the game, what you're currently doing, and what you plan to do next. you also tell us your team!

i'll use myself as an example

i'm about to challenge the E4, but im perfecting my team first. may take a while as i'll probably be breeding my typhlosion to get extrasensory and a better nature on the offspring (the former of which is an egg move from stantler).

currently im also grinding the pokemon i will be using for the E4 in that one patch of grass above the waterfall outside of the safari zone. and the typhlosion too, because i can. i can also net pretty heavy amounts of EXP, and my gyarados can catch up at the victory road as there'll be lots of pokemon with type weaknesses. nidorino needs a little more grinding to get poison jab, and then i can evolve him.

My current team:

Scizor (Aella), level 38. Aiming for 40. She has technican and a pretty good moveset, but i may swap out 'cut' for a better move. She's perfect otherwise - great stats, great moves, great nature. Physical attacker.

Nidorino (Corin) lv 37, aimed 43 (yikes). He's pretty great, but he'll get better once he nabs himself a better moveset and a higher level. his stats arent too great as he's still a nidorino, but they're satisfactory. Physical attacker.

typhlosion (hiro) lv 37 aimed 40. Good stats, great speed but lowers special attack... for some reason I gave him flamethrower. I hope it's an egg move. augh. special attacker, but may be mixed if the need arises as his attack isnt so bad either. going to be bred for the purposes of extrasensory and a better nature, like i mentioned behind.

honchcrow (lon yu) - level 40. grinding finished for now. hes great - and yeah, he's another physical attacker. that's my 3 pokemon limit for physical. his special attack isnt awful, but his physical attacking stat is a lot better. he's got awful defence and special defence, though, so he's a bit of a glass cannon. if i'm careful he can be surprisingly bulky though - especially as he has some good HP on him.

Dumisa (Raikou) - Level 40. no grinding needed - they're great. took down lugia in two moves (i'll be catching lugia post E4). i'll probably grind for 45 if i run into issues later, but they've been really great, so it's unlikely. special attacker with a good nature, albeit it lowers defence to get a greater special attack. may be a little potion hungry later but they've already outclassed my ampharos in every way.

forgot the nickname (Shiny gyarados) - lv 34, probably to be replaced for lapras. I caved and got this one because i couldnt get lapras fast enough. i'm aiming to get lapras and breeding until i have the lapras i want, mind, so i've left shiny gyarados in the PC for now and...

Tyne (regular gyarados) lv 22 - hm slave who took over shiny gyarados's slot just so i could get up the waterfall. to be replaced with lapras later, though lapras isnt going to be a HM slave.

anyway, thats my side over - i wont be challenging the E4 for a while or even going to kanto until I feel ready. I won't be zerging through it just yet (though i may do test runs with all of my money deposited at moms just for extra exp and testing purposes)

now its your turns i guess

don't post if it's not relevant to the game and teams etc, please
Title: Re: HGSS progression thread
Post by: sans the skeleton on May 11, 2016, 13:48
my main team is closing in on 50. scizor has hit 50, the rest are 46-48. hiro is 45, i think, but im prettys ure i levelled him...

i also best the E4 by mistake trying to get them to kill me first (accidental crit on his last pokemon despite them having wiped out like 5 of my pokemon, suicide run gone wrong), so now im gonna get the magnet train back and start grinding levels or whatever because my next challenge is to get to the 70s (by getting all 16 badges and then grinding after that). i'm currently on 9 badges since i still feel bad by accidentally winning the e4, but ill figure smth out