Author Topic: you have three wishes (read the first post)  (Read 669 times)

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you have three wishes (read the first post)
« on: May 13, 2016, 23:39 »
your only limits are thus

1. you cannot wish for infinite wishes, and if you wish for more wishes you have to use them all in the same post.
2. you can post multiple times. just pretend the genie person came back because they liked you a lot
3. dont break the forum rules and stuff
4. dont wish for the death of anyone on this forum. that includes mods and admins. please don't do it.
6. if you bring someone back from the dead, they come back from the last time they were alive/healthy and become immortal in every sense until you no longer want them alive. or you die, since you cant want much of anything if you're dead.
8. the more creative you get the more i like you

ill post my wishes later

ive created a monster
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Re: you have three wishes (read the first post)
« Reply #1 on: May 14, 2016, 00:23 »
Can I wish for infinite genies?

Okay, but in all seriousness:

1. A stable job that I enjoy but also gives me free time to write. (I suppose I could just wish for infinite money or for my writing to automatically be successful, but that kinda feels like cheating and I wouldn't want to ruin the sense of accomplishment.)

2. Some kind of superpower. Maybe flight, along with increased fitness? I dunno, it just seems like it'd be fun, and although I probably wouldn't go full "vigilante justice!" it'd be nice to be able to help the occasional person in trouble.

3. Free plane/boat/train tickets for the rest of my life, so I can travel wherever I want. There are a couple of places that I'm desperate to see.

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Re: you have three wishes (read the first post)
« Reply #2 on: May 14, 2016, 11:52 »
1. a work ethic
2. eliza
3. excitement, no more disillusionment

thanks gl <3

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Re: you have three wishes (read the first post)
« Reply #3 on: May 14, 2016, 19:03 »
I love how I make pretty much the same thing and no one replies. But when someone else makes what I've already made, they reply.

Anyway, my wishes.

1) I have loads of comments on my YouTube videos
2) my animations are finished
3) pokemon are real!
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Re: you have three wishes (read the first post)
« Reply #4 on: May 15, 2016, 11:40 »
1.) I wish for seven more wishes

2.) I wish for a decent size town house

3.) I wish for enough money to live comfortably but not too much that I don't have to work again but enough to have a wing named for my mom where she got her cancer treatment

4.) I wish for a cure for cancer

5.) I wish for a cure for HIV

6.) I wish Domald Trump was never born

7.) I wish for Pokemon to be real

8.) I wish for the song Baby Love by Regina (yes that's the artist's name, NOT Regina Specter!) to be on my iPod and easily available for other fans of 80s and Freestyle music to purchase. I spent the past three years trying to get this song and literally can't find it anywhere! It's such a good song too and I know more people really like this song.

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Re: you have three wishes (read the first post)
« Reply #5 on: May 16, 2016, 02:28 »
1) I wish to ace these exams so that I can become a counsellor and provide free support to the local elderly who don't get much company, alongside counselling. Would probably try and use the church as a location because everyone knows where it is and the elderly would find it comforting but I'm going off trail a bit.

2) I wish that people had a menu like on Sims so when you're talking to them you can see how much they liked or disliked what you just said and then you could see how long until you're friends and stuff.

3) I wish that I could use computer/phone screens to travel around. Would probably just appear wherever is clear to stand so that I don't immediately jump through my screen and find myself standing in someone's head because they were on their phone whilst laying in bed or something.

 Would become a vigilante and call myself Common Sense Man.

 My weakness would be that I can't bring people with me so if I grab someone's hand before teleporting, the hand would be torn off. Obviously this means that the weakness would be exploited by villains so I would carry a mobile device that's embedded in some sort of plate armour or something. Would have to carry some sort of weapon because I would be totally normal otherwise.

 Because I would be a vigilante, I could focus on stuff that matters to me so it would be hard to ambush me when I teleport in because I might appear in the passenger seat of someone who's on the phone driving one minute, to someone who needs to put their phone on silent because their ringtone is disrupting the class.

 To stand up to the plot armour of Marvel/DC/anime, the power would later develop so that I could just teleport at will and I would eventually momentarily teleport inside of someone and cause immense internal damage to them which would lead to me being branded as a serious threat rather than just a vigilante.

 I would go on to influence the government and eventually rule Europe.

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Re: you have three wishes (read the first post)
« Reply #6 on: May 16, 2016, 16:21 »
1) to be able to sit down and work and not slack off lol
3) give me 20/20 vision and a body that doesn't feel like it's falling to bits

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Re: you have three wishes (read the first post)
« Reply #7 on: May 16, 2016, 17:44 »
1. the power to control sunrise and sunset so i could turn the sun to post-apocalyptic style Sunset Orange Spectrum only so i dont get Overstimulated when i go outside at the wrong times cos my circadian is a doof. i said it before n i'll say it again. up yours suprachaiasmatic nucleus. (only dedicating one wish to something whiny tho)

Spoiler: edit: im spoiler tagging wish 2 cos it got really long • show
2. the power to bestow good n bad luck n good n bad tidings so that people would do stuff like pray at an altar of me and bring me lovely foods from afar to win my Good Luck. people would buy me a lovely spinning wheel n all the wool i could ever wish for, and very many pretty shirtmaking fabrics. i would also be the God of empowering people of all shapes and sizes through brilliant and wonderful clothing. but only to people i liked of course.

people who sucked and were epicery jerks or totally humourless and boring self obsessed nerds would get endless deluges of lightning bolts of Bad Luck until they came to pray at my altar for Good Luck and my powerful and wonderful blessings.

i would be very generous and merciful with this power tho and hopefully not become a tyrant. but i would anyway and i'd and have to be felled by 7 powerful warriors, each experts of a different kind of power, and sealed in an underground cavern with a sacred ancient seal that only lasts for 2000 years. so that when i became free, 7 new warriors would have to rise up to kill me, the former trickster god gone renegade.

the twist of the story would be at the end in the final battle after i'd be defeated and they're about to seal me away id lightning bolt them with bad luck to stop them at the last minute, just as the sigils of the seal appear. i'd then laugh and they'd be like "???" and i'd reveal that it is the most fun of my life for ages cos i got really lonely and angry and became a tyrant cos people always disappeared after me giving them good luck and never liked me for my personaility or good cooking. so the 7 new warriors would stick around and learn my Secrets and Wisdom and a bunch of post-game quests would open up for Replayability value. you could start a new game plus with the weapons to unlock side quests too.

there would be a reboot done by some arrogant superflouous nerdlinger hell idiot with dumb skrillex hair and anime figurines on his bookshelf and he'd have a history of drawing wolves french kissing each other too much. and he Wouldn't Get It and it'd be really bad and i'd be changed to his self insert and be some tiresome youtube celebrity type loser. all my subtle and well executed Minority Representations would be erased and played by like, smosh and pewdiepie and some tiresome nerd roast people. and the Kids React hell idiots. itd be the kind of bad that the ppg reboot is. i.e. they'd mess with my primo Voice Actor choices and painstakingly researched character designs and ruin everything and put memes in it.

on this note im rly surprised the PPG reboot doesn't have a weird surfcing of insufferable fat neckbeard nerds all "no no its good!" and trying to persuade old PPG fans "its good cos memes" like mlp:fim did cos its basically the same thing.

3. the ability to make people pee and/or poo themselves on the spot with a single powerful glare. they dont have to meet my eyes i'd just have to do a Glare at them with a Trademark Sound. you know like that flute sound in naruto except it'd be a really low piano key hand mash. id buy stocks in all the major diaper companies beforehand and be ricrhichrihrichrich£$££$£$£$£$£$. downside would be i'd get a following like in wish 2 but for all the wrong reasons.
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