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--- Quote from: TCoZ on June 28, 2009, 18:38 ---I don't know if this has been brought up, but why don't we use the Smogon tiers, as they do vigorous playtesting and are considerably cleverer at competitive battling than us? I mean, we can't say that something 'dominates the metagame' unless we have played a large amount of matches with several other people in that metagame who know what they're doing, surely. You can theorymon all you like, but you actually have to playtest to see if something is broken.

Also, Smogon's NU tier is just what hasn't reached UU by usages. It's not balanced atm.

--- End quote ---

I do want it to be a blend between the Smogon list, which I appreciate is going to be a bit more accurate than ours, but with some input into where we put certain Pokémon to give us some individuality from them. Of course, if this doesn't work out then it can always be changed, but I'd like to see this topic used to discuss these things, similiar to how the big tier discussion went ages ago...

So we're editing a good tier list... because we want to be individual? Despite the fact this will most probably worsen it?

Lord Raven:
Smogon's list is based upon usage, which is why I think OU should be be 80-90% based off theirs.  BL is really the only "logic" tier, which is underused Pokemon that are too good/centralising for the UU atmosphere, and Smogon are rather conservative about putting stuff in BL -- there's only five Pokemon and one of them's only there because he incites a weather effect.

I'll get arguments like "this is our tier list not smogon's RAH RAH RAH RAGE RAGE RAGE" -- smogon are a hell of a lot more reliable than us, and if we want our information as accurate as possible then it has to be based off theirs.
And why is it that I suggested a stickied topic like this about a year or more ago but it only goes into effect now?  <_<

EDIT:  TCoZ kinda cut me off but I don't see post notification, but what he said is more or less what I said in a nutshell.
Individuality and accuracy do not go hand in hand sometimes.

There's no real need to have many pokémon in BL. From what I've heard from people new UU is an incredibly balanced tier and even if that means there's only a few pokémon banned there's nothing wrong with that as the tier lists are designed so as many pokémon as possible are usable in certain tiers.

I think usage is the best way to determine tiers, personally.

Lord Raven:
Especially considering the near infinite amount of possibilities that Pokemon has.


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