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Richard and Blaziken:
31 in Speed means nothing when you're being outsped by opposing Greninja as well as +Speed base 108's and higher (Terrakion, Keldeo, Infernape, Latios, Latias, Gengar, to name a few noteworthy Pokemon). Destiny Knot will pass 5 IVs down this gen, so it's assumed that all your Pokemon have 5 perfect IVs minimum unless they're running a specific Hidden Power.

Hi i wanted to ask for some advice. im playing crystal currently and i keep fainting against trainers that arent even in the gym. Ive been contemplating redoing the roster of my team and was wondering which pokemons should i use for my new team and if there are any awesome pokemon im missing out on . the pokemoni have right noew are a level 23 QuiLava , a level 11 bellsprout, a level 12 onix, a level 8 togepi,and a level 10 ditto i recently caught.  i have a level 10 gastly, a level 4 spinerak, a level 5 rattata,a level 6 zubat, a level 5 oddish, and a level 10 pineco. i have a wooper and a poliwag in the daycare to breed so i dont know there current levels. i know wooper is at like 13 and poliwag is at least 16 but im not certain on the exact level amount. .can you guys give me some advice on which 6 out of those pokemon i should have on my team.


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