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Role Play / Pokémon Generico [P][C]
« on: August 24, 2014, 01:43 »
Your radio crackles into life on the stroke of midnight. Gentle music plays, and you wonder if you're dreaming.
"Yes, it's a problem."
Suddenly you're alert. The music was quiet enough for you to ignore it, but this voice is familiar. It's yours.
"Things have split too far, I'm sorry to say. But we managed to get on the right side of the divide, and not a moment too soon. Now we can make a difference. A new life. A new start. What I've always wanted."
The sky outside begins to lighten: somehow it's morning already, and it takes you a while to realise how quiet it is. Moving to the window, it's obvious that the familiar streets are empty. There are no cars on the roads, no people milling about, and the houses stand still as though evacuated. The radio gives a content sigh, leaving one last message before switching itself off.
"It's going to be a beautiful day in my neighbourhood."


Plot: Since that announcement on the radio, it's as though your character is the only person left in the city, maybe even in the world. Everything is as though it had been abandoned the night before, with no explanation given. On a table in their home is what looks like an over-elaborate watch. No, wait: it's like some kind of... is it a pokégear? Like from the video games? That definitely wasn't there before.
Next to it is a note in their own handwriting: Meet us in the park.


Yes, your character is from "our world", where pokémon aren't (weren't) real, WHAT A TWIST.
No, you don't get to decide what your starter pokémon is, just what number poké ball it's in. I tried to mainly get a selection which aren't used in RPs so often, but in my attempt to get a nice mixture of types some of them might be more popular.
Yes, I'll let you know what it is before we start. So you can edit it into your form, and give it a nickname and a gender and a stylish hat if you want to. I'll have a quick ref of characters/pokémon in this post as well.
No, you can't change what pokémon you have after it's ~revealed~ what they are. Even if you hate it so much that it gives you chronic gastritis and you have a sick note saying so.
No, Not all of the pokémon have to be picked. I'm hoping to only have about a half dozen people joining in, otherwise it will be Too Complicated for my small brain. We'll see. But eleven would probably be overkill.
Yes, you can catch more pokémon. But you'll need poké balls first, so hold them there horses.
Yes, please be literate, use some punctuation, double-space your paragraphs and all that jazz. Also, please write in the third person (so your character as he/she/they, not I/me).
Yes, be engaging and interactive and have fun! I'll nudge the plot along at various times/offer delicious exposition, but feel free to go up to things and poke them with sticks, and basically have the RP move along in a direction you think would work. Interact with other characters, particularly if they're trying to get involved, and make sure you respond to interactions towards you! I guess the "have fun" is optional, but encouraged.


echoBrandy PadillaGreyNosepass
ShrubNancy ThroppPinkExeggcute
Bad WolfCheco MendozaYellowMakuhita
ShayminQuinn BrewerWhiteSwirlix
InfernaSkye LoganGreenSpinarak
DanatalesToby KozlovOrangeSlugma
Hahex and
Luke SanPurpleDrifloon
Ruben LegerBlackShellder

for the purposes of this RP all pokémon will evolve by levelling up and have similar total power/levelling points.
not that we're sticking to rigid Level Up and Movesets anyway.
but i trust you all to be sensible when it comes to moves. no fire blasts and hyper beams to start off with, because i am a killjoy.

I've made a contest topic, wow.

This is how it will work.
-I announce a specification for the round. e.g. mixes.
-You have 72 hours (3 days) to submit your sprite to me via PM.
-I put the sprites up in an anonymous poll (ooh).
-The poll will stay up for roughly 72 hours (3 days).
-Awards for 1st, 2nd and 3rd are then given accordingly, as well as an award for my personal favourite.
-Yes you can vote in the poll, yes you can vote for yourself if you want.
-Everyone has a lovely time.

Extra information:
-You do one round at a time, and you can enter as many or as few as you like, you don't have to sign up or anything.
-Places will not be saved. You either submit a sprite before the closing time or you don't. If you get yours to me just a bit late it doesn't matter, provided that I haven't yet set up the voting poll.
-The sprites that you submit to me will be reuploaded for the duration of this contest, and taken down once the poll is over.
-No gif animations, please, and no sprite tags (no adding your name).
-I will make your sprite transparent for you, if it isn't already.
-Only pixel art will be accepted. that is to say, no gradients or textures or brushes. The sprites should be made pixel by pixel, using flat colours (dithering is accepted). Put simply, they should match the style of the in-game sprites.
-Don't post your sprites here. It won't disqualify you, but if they're not PMd to me they won't be entered.
-If your sprite doesn't fit the specifications for the round then I won't accept it. Because I'm a killjoy. So yeah, read the below "details" carefully. Most of it should be obvious/same as usual.

Ok I think that's everything. Let me know if you have any questions. 
Previous Rounds:
Round 1: Archeops recolour - over!

Round 2: Fire/water type mix - over!

Round 3: Pokémon/Trainer mix - over

Round 4: MS Paint recoloured bugs - over

Round 5: Type swap to fire type - over

Round 6: Revamp a grass type from Gen II - over

Round 7: Mix scoliopede & breloom - over

Round 8: Recolour devamps - over

Round 9: Revamp Kingler from Green - poll now open!
Round 10: Version-exclusive mixes - now open for submissions! - 1 entry so far!
Round 11: ???

Now accepting submissions for round 10:
Version-exclusive mixes

Mix two pokémon together, one exclusive to one game of a generation, the other exclusive to the other game. Ignore exclusives for "third" games like yellow or emerald, and ignore spin-off games.
Example: purugly (exclusive to pearl) mixed with skuntank (exclusive to diamond).
Example: ekans (exclusive to fire red) mixed with misdreavus (exclusive to leaf green).

The pokémon must be from the same generation! So spinarak (exclusive to gold) mixed with lotad (exclusive to sapphire) would not be accepted. Just check a list of exclusives to make sure they're both exclusives in the same pair of games.
Don't worry about extra specifics (e.g. in-game trading): so long as the pokmémon are on the list, they should be grand.
Lists of version exclusive pokémon can be found online, including on B/W2, DP.

Number of pokémon to mix: Two.
Sprites allowed: full colour, so Gen III and up. Please use an official sprite for the base, but you can scratch bits of the sprite.
Shiny colours allowed?: No.

Feel free to ask any questions, but remember: no sprite tags or animations.
Please PM your sprites to me any time before Thursday October 10th, 6:00pm (UK/Ireland time zone).
(that is, 1:00pm EDT, 10:00am PDT). This will be when the poll closes.

Pokémon sprites can be found on, or there's the spriter's resource site for any others.

Your Sprite Art / Mark tries spriting again
« on: August 26, 2013, 12:01 »
it's been a while so... yeah. 
i'm probably really out of practice, so if anybody wants suggest something then i'll give it a go. 
depends how much free time i have, people can probably attest to the fact that my commitment capabilities are kind of awful. 
here's the stuff i'm going to try for now: 
mixes - only 2 pokémon please. if you want, you can specify which one should be the base. if not then i'll choose. 

revamps - just tell me exactly which game sprite you're suggesting (bear in mind that some versions, e.g. gold/silver/crystal, have different sprites for each). can revamp gen I, II or III. 

recolours - feel free to suggest a specific game sprite if you want, but you don't have to. i can recolour something as another pokémon, or in NEON, or swapped colours, or something else specified. 

devamps - to gen I or II. these are just recolours/resized things really, but still.

stance swaps - putting one pokémon into the pose of another. i'll need the specific sprite that you want to be the stance, so which game it's from. these very often look deformed or weird. please pick two pokémon with similar body shapes at least >: 

might add more kinds of sprite later, depends how well this goes. 
if you like the stuff i've made then feel free to use them in your profile, even if you didn't request them. you don't have to give credit unless you really want to. 
just don't claim them as your own in contests or anything haha. 

Debate / Abortion
« on: October 13, 2011, 20:05 »
Oh, one of those subjects. 
Titling the topic this to try to avoid bias: for example "pro-life" and "anti-choice" being different words for the same side 
Basically continuing this without it clogging up the RR topic. 
I mean I was comparing the ridiculousness of one thing with the ridiculousness [as I see it] of Mississippi's Amendment 26, but hey, I'm in that sort of mood. 
Ho hum. 
Even if it's a reply for the sake of argument/hey look at these other viewpoints, I'm posting it here so that I can get hysterical in a more appropriate forum. 
I'm only teasing of course, but the debate between 'What constitutes a human?' in terms of abortion has been going on for a rather long time, and both sides have legitimate claims. While an unfertilized egg still needs a male set of chromosomes to begin the process of becoming a baby, The fertilized egg already possess everything it needs to begin transforming itself from a single cell into a full human child...So, do you support the woman's right to abort and 'kill' the cell as it's just beginning it's transformation into humanity, or do you support the cells right, and allow it to live and fully mature into a newborn, even though the mother doesn't want it?

Basically, I just wanted to say, that it all depends on your point of view, and which you consider more important, the woman, or the child, in terms of abortion. Your claim that you wouldn't be surprised that we'd ban a genre of music because some Americans favor protecting the unborn, still developing child over the rights of the mother to terminate her pregnancy seems a bit too...How do you say...Controversial to be compared.

I'm just saying that a fertilised egg has no mind. If it were aborted it wouldn't know. If I had been aborted I wouldn't know. If my mother had aborted me she could have gone to university and become a lawyer like she wanted to, instead of giving up her life taking care of me. 
Now, I'm not saying "god, I wish she had!": I'm glad to be here, and I think that she's glad to have me here now that I am. 
I'm just saying that everyone should have the choice. 
Saying "no, you absolutely cannot abort that egg!" [also potentially making things like the morning-after pill illegal because they prevent a fertilised egg from implanting in the womb tissue and growing into a baby, if the anti-choice sites are to be believed].. 
...saying that, if a woman chooses to have sex and for whatever reason gets pregnant, or if the sex is of dubious or no consent... if regardless of her circumstances, age, financial income, plans for life or phobias she has to go through with a pregnancy and birth, that is treating those women as nothing more than incubators, and to be honest that horrifies me. 
I know that it depends on the point of view, but once you get the law to back up your beliefs, that is forcing other people to live by your own beliefs, whether or not you hold them. The law does have to draw a line, true, but it shouldn't be based more on the emotion of one side than anything else. 
A woman who can't afford to have a baby, or who is terrified of pregnancy, or who is just about to go to university... if they abort, it won't effect the lives of people who are perfectly happy with their lives, and would be happy to support any accidental children. 
If abortion is legal it doesn't force everyone to have an abortion, so it makes no sense to force everyone not to. 

Character Guides / (3) Rondo Evans
« on: August 27, 2007, 18:49 »
Location: Verdanturf
Story Topic: A New Challenge
Group: None.
Items: None.
Pokémon team: Nidorino [Horrorshow], Venonat

-Background information-
  Name: Rondo
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Description: Rather tall at 6'2", though neither under- nor overweight, with dark blond hair [he cuts this himself when he remembers, and it shows], and similarly quite dark blue eyes. Rondo wears the same jacket, jeans, and shirt until he buys another, none of which are very exciting. On his feet, he usually wears cheap green flip-flops, which probably look odd but work well enough as shoes. In the winter he's more likely to buy a pair of trainers, which somehow look even stranger on him. He does not have any piercings, make-up, tattoos, hair dye, jewellery or the like. He does not have good teeth, but he does not often show them when he talks or if he smiles. His eyes are usually not fully open, which gives him the appearance of being half-asleep.
His right hand has an interesting jagged scar on the left side of the palm, and is missing the little finger and its knuckle, as well as half of his ring finger. However, this isn't as troublesome as it might look, and he is still right-handed.
Another related injury is a quite long scar on the right side of his head, but this is hidden under his hair and cannot be seen. Far more interestingly, he is able to bend his right arm backwards at the elbow when it suits him, which is usually at inappropriate times.

Personality: Rondo is not very clever or talented, but this does not bother him: in fact, nothing bothers him. He is constantly calm and level-headed, and this can make people irritated. He does not particularly like arguing, and will say that he agrees with someone's point of view if it looks like it will turn into an argument. He prefers to get along with people, although, like everything else, it does not bother him if he does not. Rondo does not have any friends outside of his pokémon [he travels around too much for that], but equally he does not have many people who hate or dislike him, and would probably not notice if someone did.
He is quite slow at answering, usually, and will often stop to think about questions he's been asked which don't seem particularly important. He will also often ignore people if he thinks of something to say. If he doesn't interrupt with his own comments, he's likely to forget what he was thinking by the time a pause appears in a conversation, his mind having moved on. If he sees this quality in other people, he may well find them rude, although if he notices this, he will think of- or voice-- it as an interesting observation rather than an accusation, insult or complaint.

Skills: As though to make up for his lack of intelligence, he has a photographic and audio-perfect memory, and can recall things like a conversation or the face of someone who bumped into him on the street months later if it was needed, which it never is. This, coupled with his constantly vague expressions, makes him exceptionally good at lying, though he does not often have a need for it. He would prefer it if he could forget things sometimes, though, as it seems to take much of the 'excitement' out of life: not much is new. This could be part of why he wants to travel the world, the other reason being that he has nothing better to do.
He has excellent hearing, and combined with his memory means that he can usually tell where someone is from by listening to their accent. He is a little short-sighted. He has never bothered to have his eyes tested, though, so does not own glasses and is probably not aware that his eyesight is below par.

Habits: Despite his excellent memory, he is constantly losing and misplacing things, due to not paying attention when he puts something down, or forgets what he was about to say. Rondo doesn't own anything of personal or actual value, so if something is permanently lost, he just will buy another. He also sometimes forgets to eat or go to sleep.
He doesn't have a fixed job, and so does not have too much money. As such, he used to steal things, although he is not fond of it, or even very good at it. This has become less frequent as he got older, and also when he learnt that simply winning pokémon battles can earn a monetary prize.
He does not mind bad weather or rain, although his feet can get cold, and in the sun he burns instead of tanning at all.
He smokes, but does not appreciate or care for alcohol. He also dislikes riding in cars or buses, although he can't explain why, and as such has never learnt to drive. He also doesn't think that he can swim, as he never got round to learning.
He loves spicy food and drinking tea [milk, no sugar, ta].

History: He apparently grew up in Fuchsia City with his family, near to the safari zone. However, when he was sixteen, he and his father were involved in a car collision. His father died in hospital soon after. Rondo, who was sitting in the back and reaching under the seat in front, had his right arm caught under the seat when the car turned over and his hand became partially destroyed. He also suffered a head injury as well as numerous minor injuries.
This is all what he had been told: he remembers nothing of his life before the point where he woke up again after the incident. It also appears to be how he gained his ability to remember things so well from that point onwards.
He did not like the woman who kept showing up at his bedside claiming to be his mother, because he knew nothing about her. When he eventually was allowed to go home with this woman, he became fed up with her quickly. Once when she left the house, he stole some money and items [including a pokémon] from the house and left the city without leaving any note of his absence. He was told that his last name was "Evans", although he does not agree with this-- surely it was that strange woman's name, not his-- and so does not use it if he can help it.
For some reason, his first name has not bothered him. His first name has puzzled him, though, since he found out what it meant, as he is not at all musical. Perhaps it had something to do with that woman, or the man who died.
He hasn't been back to Fushia since then, and does not mourn or miss his family or home, because he never knew them. He is content with life as it is.

Friends: None
Enemies: None

Rondo has never actually caught a pokémon through a battle, but has never needed to. He doesn't have any real interest in pokémon sports but he doesn't hate them, and will engage in them occasionally: if challenged for a battle, for example, or if he needs money. He is not exactly talented, although he is good at remembering strategies and techniques used against him and can try to put them to use.
His pokémon don't usually stay in their pokéballs, and certainly not Horrorshow, although none of them have decided on this arrangement out loud.



Ability: Poison Point
Moves: Leer, Tackle, Double Kick, Poison Sting, Fury Attack, Horn Attack, Focus Energy
About: A rather aggressive pokémon with little trust. At first he was annoyed by his trainer's uncaring personality, but eventually has taken it upon himself to protect him, and occasionally give him a push in the right direction. He is not too fond of people or pokémon who he doesn't know, and is liable to growl constantly if somebody new appears. However, it's notable that he will only growl at strangers while hiding behind his trainer's legs, and is more likely to cause Rondo injury by being tripped over.
History: The pokémon who Rondo stole from the house as a nidoran♂. Rondo did not know who he belonged to before or what he was doing in the house. Still, he had been told that pokémon were needed for protection.


Ability: Tinted Lens
Moves: Tackle, Disable, Foresight, Supersonic, Confusion, Poisonpowder, Leech Life
About: Her trainer's personality appears to have rubbed off on her. She is quiet, and does not seem to have much of an opinion of her own about anything. If Rondo orders her to do something, then she will do so. She is smaller than average, and Rondo usually carries her around instead of her having to run to catch up with him. Because of this, she is quite lazy and will often sleep.
History: She followed Rondo all the way to Vermilion City when he left home, after he absently let her share some of the food he had. Eventually he bought a pokéball at the port and caught her.

Character Guides / (2) Martin Trent
« on: August 21, 2007, 20:27 »
Location: Johto, Cherrygrove City/Route 30
Story Topic: Johto journeys- Finding the evil within
Group: John Bonz, Lauren Tennant
Items: x4 x 3
Pokémon team: Farfetch'd, Staravia, Combusken, Natu, Prinplup, Hoothoot

-Background information-
Name: Martin Trent
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Description: Martin is tall, and has an unspectacular build: not fat, not thin. He has dark brown eyes set in a thin, rather gaunt face, and dark hair, long enough to reach almost halfway down his back if he did not tie it back for convenience.
He usually wears black jeans, an uninteresting dark shirt and boots over his jeans. More noticeable is the same long navy coat no matter which he wears no matter what the weather, which can make him stand out and seem odd on a hot day. He also is always seen wearing brown falconer's gloves, and though he may use the excuse that he is a bird pokémon trainer, they do not seem to serve any purpose, merely standing out
against the rest of his dark clothing in comparison. He prefers not to remove them, especially in cold weather, though he will take them off if they cause his movements to become clumsy. Like opening a packet of sandwiches, which is impossible enough as it is.
Martin does not have any tattoos, piercings or jewellery. He has a Pokétch, but keeps it in one of his pockets instead of wearing it.

About: He puts himself first, which is not that unreasonable, and for this reason is not so good at bonding, which he does not care about to be honest. His ambition is simply to win where and when he can, which had better be all of the time. In battles, for instance, if his pokémon show signs of losing, he will occasionally shout at or kick them. His pokémon have no nicknames, and he does not have any real attachment to them aside from Farfetch'd. Combusken appears to be the one who hates him the most, as shown by his signature move: Frustration.
A reasonable excuse for this would be to say that he has a tragic past or that his ambition is fuelled by grief. Sadly, this is not to be, and he's simply an arrogant git. However, he does have a habit of being eerily polite when it suits him, which is quite a lot of the time. It can be unnerving that when he talks among people, he talks quietly and politely, though his comments may be a little sarcastic. After all, in battle he can be completely different. He is no good at comforting or reassuring people, but as he never does this, it's really not too much of a problem. He's a compulsive liar, and will occasionally spin tales for the sake of it, without paying attention to what he is saying.
Martin really hates the cold, which could possibly be another reason for the coat and gloves, though even if that was so there would be no need to keep them on in the summer. He is quite fond of drinking tea, even though it's difficult to find many places that actually serve a decent cup of it. His birthday is the day before midsummer.
He is travelling to look for strong trainers, for someone who will give him a good battle and possibly defeat him [although the last part is, of course, optional].

History: His father, Giles, used to train birds, most notably his chatot, and now runs a café called "the Little Clef" close to the Oreburgh Gate. Martin does not visit or speak to his father often, having travelled alone around several regions, though he will sometimes drop in without any warning if he feels like it and expect to get a free meal. His mother lives in Eterna City with his younger sister, his half-brother, and his mother's boyfriend. He does not know anything about this family, which is fine.
His first pokémon was farfetch'd, given to him when he was old enough to start training. His second was a spearow, which his father helped him and farfetch'd to catch. He soon evolved. For quite some time they were his only two pokémon. However, when Martin became more serious about battling, he changed his nature. Fearow was distracted and unhelpful in battle, and so was traded away in exchange for a Prinplup.

Acquaintances:  Zak Jones, Joshua Fissure, John Bonz, Lauren Tennant
Enemies: None worth noting.

Martin does not have a specific goal, except to train bird pokémon and win battles. He challenges gym leaders when he feels like it, but does not keep a record of the badges he owns, nor even care. He does not think that gym badges are a suitable measure of strength: after all, if the gyms are handing out badges, they must have quite a few people beating them. They are not special.


Moves: Poison Jab, Peck, Sand-Attack, Leer, Fury Cutter, Fury Attack, Knock Off, Aerial Ace, Slash, Air Cutter, Swords Dance, Agility.
Ability: Keen Eye [prevents accuracy loss]
History: Martin's first pokémon.
About He is loyal to Martin, and probably the most attached to him, which is returned. This makes him unique amongst Martin's team.


Moves: Tackle, Growl, Quick Attack, Wing Attack, Double Team, Endeavour, Whirlwind, Aerial Ace, Take Down
Ability: Intimidate [lowers opponent's Attack]
History: Caught by Martin, as a starly, soon after Farfetch'd was caught.
About: Staravia obeys her trainer, though it is most likely out of fear rather than respect or anything else. She is probably the weakest of his team.


Moves: Scratch, Growl, Focus Energy, Ember, Double Kick, Peck, Sand-Attack, Bulk Up, Frustration
Ability: Blaze [raises Fire power]
History: Given as a torchic as a spontaneous and unexpected gift by his father for his eighteenth birthday.
Nature: Combusken appears to be the ones who dislikes Martin the most, but even he seems to hold some respect for him and obeys him.


Moves: Peck, Leer, Night Shade, Teleport, Lucky Chant, Miracle Eye, Confuse Ray, Steel Wing
Ability: Synchronise [forces opponent to share her status condition]
History: He caught her in Hoenn as a young pokémon, after she was separated from her mother in a rainstorm.
Nature: He has never shown any particular affection towards her, just the same as the other pokémon, but she adores Martin and is determined to be useful to him.


Moves: Tackle, Growl, Bubble, Water Sport, Peck, Metal Claw, Bide, Bubblebeam
Ability: Torrent [raises Water power]
History: Traded to Martin in exchange for Fearow.
Nature: Using Prinplup in battle is a gamble: she will occasionally decide not to obey Martin, and so annoys him the most often.


Moves: Tackle, Growl, Foresight, Hypnosis, Peck
Ability: Insomnia [does not sleep]
History: Caught in Johto by shaking him out of a tree.
Nature: Is not the brightest of pokémon, which can be annoying.

Previously owned pokémon:

History: When Martin was younger, his father helped him catch Fearow [as a Spearow] with the aid of Farfetch'd. However, Martin found the pokémon too weak and later traded him in exchange for Prinplup.

Character Guides / (1) Will Kido
« on: March 16, 2007, 20:25 »
Location: Ecruteak City
Story Topic: Johto Intruders
Group:Project#23, Frost Warner, Dave Baith
Items: x 2 x 5 x 1
Pokémon team: Jazz, Kestrel, Monyi, Aster, Supay
Badges: Plain Badge, Fog Badge

Name: Will Kido
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Description: Medium height and quite skinny, with short dark hair and typical-teenage dark clothing. He has a lip piercing that he will fiddle with when nervous or concentrating. 
He often does things on impulse, and is rather detached from other people, talking to them enough only if he knows them rather well. Will can come across as selfish and rude, which he probably is a lot of the time. He has low or no self-esteem, and assumes the worst of everything.
History: He has lived in Pewter all his life and never left, even though most of his friends had left to become "pokémon masters". He is not actually very good at battling, and thought he would instead prefer to try being a co-ordinator in contests. However, he is not very good at them either, so is now just drifting around Johto with Project and various other people, trying his hand at anything and everything, though somewhat reluctantly.
Friends: Nysu Hikaru, Mizu Calder, Mizakichii Onii, Lewis T Sapphire, Snap Shard, Loretta "Lorett" Kaiser,
Enemies/Rivals: THE MANAGEMENT, Team Rocket



Moves: Tackle, Thunder Wave, Leer, Howl, Quick Attack, Spark, Fire Fang, Odor Sleuth, Bite
Ability: Static
History: Will's starter pokémon, given to him when he turned ten. He evolved from electrike whilst fighting against a ghastly in the Eterna Forest mansion.
About: Usually refuses to listen to Will if he smells or sees something more interesting. A bit of a wild card but usually docile- still acts like a puppy.


Moves: Peck, Growl, Leer, Fury Attack, Pursuit, Aerial Ace [and somehow... Rage]
Ability: Keen eye
History: Caught in Viridian Forest
About: Aggressive and always wanting to battle other pokémon. She usually gets enraged in battle and fights until she wins or is knocked out. She used to sit on Will's head and pull his hair, but since she evolved is too big for it.


Moves: Tackle, Foresight, Quick Attack, Double Team
Ability: Speed Boost
History: Caught in Eterna Forest
About: Quite enthusiastic to battle, and very trusting, but not too bright.


Moves: Hypnotis, Lick, Spite, Mean Look, Curse, Night Shade
Ability: Levitate
History: He was allowed to catch her in the Eterna Forest mansion after a battle.
About: Oddly attached to Will for some reason.


Moves: Scratch, Harden, Leech Life, Sand-Attack, Faint Attack
Ability: Compoundeyes
History: Caught in the bug-catching contest in Goldenrod.
About: Nervous, skittish, and not often willing to battle.

Pokémon at home:


Moves: Pound, Water Gun, Attract, Rain Dance
Ability: Swift Swim
History: Received in a trade for Chinchou in Eterna City
About: Dislikes fighting but will not object to obeying her trainer


Moves: Confusion, Poisonpowder, Stun Spore, Sleep Powder, Gust, Supersonic, Psybeam
Ability: Compoundeyes
History: Caught as a caterpie in Viridian Forest  soon after Will received his electrike. Has since evolved twice, but his wing has been damaged in a fight with Gretyl and he is resting until it heals.
About: Probably the most obedient of Will's pokémon. Spirit is attached to his trainer but is quite happy not to battle.

Previously owned pokémon:

Moves: Bubble, Thunder Wave, Supersonic, Flail, Water Gun
Ability: Illuminate
History: Caught on route 24 but traded later on in Eterna City.
About: Disliked Will greatly and refused to obey him.

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