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I cant use spell check


XK|X Litwick:
The reason of this post is due to the problems I am having with the spell check option. Whenever I try to use it, a small window opens but stays completely blank. I wait and wait but nothing ever happens.

Is there any way to solve this?

I've been waiting for somebody to say this >.<
Same thing happens to me though....

Me too. The way I get around that it either using Safari, Google Chrome, or Firefox. They all have Spell Checkers build into them. Or, you could use Microsoft Word. It depends on what you are doing. Still, what happened to it?

most decent, modern browsers have spell check built in anyway

get at google chrome its rad

but i guess this is kinda a bug report.. so w/e

This is built-in SMF functionality. I'll have a quick look to see what they might say, but there might not be much we can do.


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