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Uncle Garnetto:
For those of you who don't know, the name rater is a person who has nicknames of Pokemon submitted to him and he comes up with an amusing remark about it.very Simon Cowell on x factor sort of thing... Or it used to be.
The name rater now has 2 large issues. First, he takes like 6 months to respond, and only puts up about 10 new responses a month. I get that he is busy and a long list to do, so that is excusable. Still annoying, and could use reviewing the fact there is only one "active" name rater( why not get a new guy from the forum or something?), but still excusable netherless.
The issue that is really annoying me is that on the last 6 or 7 posts, he just wrote "no". If I had waited 6 months to get a "no" I would/ will be pissed off at that. And I find it amusing to read other submissions, but there are a fair few where there has been absolutely no effort in. I personally would rather wait longer to get an amusing reply than get a fast "no"

oh look this thread again

Richard and Blaziken:
The service doesn't require him to write a lengthy response, nor respond quickly, or even respond at all.

Uncle Garnetto:
The part about complaining about it taking 6 months may have been overdone, but this is abouth the fact that after 6 months, there is a response that has had absoloutly no effort
Read a post before you criticise it

The reason he rated a whole bunch of nicknames with the word "no" was for comic effect, not because he couldn't be bothered answering them. Also, Richard did read your post, that's  why he mentioned the "lenghty response".
Read a post before you criticise it.


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