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Uncle Garnetto:
I suppose I deserved that list line
My first response was to sylar. I didn't see Richards post. I suppose he, and you have a point.
I can't really see the comic effect. Once, sure 6 or 7 times, no
My first response was to sylar

no... no people have complained about responses before too, seƱor snowflake
like rich said he aint obligated to give you a novel length reply
just dont make your nicks suck so much next time maybe he'll feel a little more compelled to make his responses suck a little less too

Sebastian Moran:
ok just for you 
post your nicknames here and I'll give you personally an amusing and/or paragraph-length response which may or may not include the word "butts" 
well, at least for one of them 
i'm a busy man 
sort of 


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