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XK|X Litwick:
Am I the only whose scroll bar doesnt appear anymore on the site? Is there anyway to solve this problem?

I'm not sure what would cause it - I can't think of anything we've done that would have such an effect...

So the basics first:
* Which browser do you use?
* Which pages do you have this problem on (could, I suppose, be all of them, but the more specific you can get, the easier it is for me to check)

XK|X Litwick:

Today, the bar seems to be back......   :wub:

Not really sure what happened but it seems it solved by itself.

The browser, I use is safari VersiĆ³n 5.0.6 and it was in all the pages in the forum, btw. I wonder what could have been the problem....

Not sure, although I'm fairly sure it wouldn't be us directly...

What might have happened is that your browser wasn't running full screen, but instead got stretched to be slightly beyond the edge of the screen - enough to hide the scrollbar.

Just speculation however, happy to hear it's okay now :)


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