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Utack and Swampy:
After reading a bunch of R.A. Salvatore's books, I went and learned how to play Dungeons & Dragons (3.5 edition), which is essentially a giant role playing game, but uses dice to help determine the outcome in situations.

I was just curious if anyone else had ever done a role playing game with dice before, and what their thoughts were when comparing it to non-dice role playing like we typically see on pkmn.net. I have found I prefer role playing with dice, because it solves that problem of applying damage or chance situations.

So yeah.. Discuss away 8D

The Macintosh Ninja: SOH CAH TOA:
I've been in a D&D campaign. Dice rolling adds that "I might die..." element to nearly every fight if you ask me. I was a DM for a Fallout-themed d20 campaign. I made a spreadsheet that calculates all the stats and damage outputs too.

I think a d20 RP would be pretty interesting, though we'd have to abide by the honor system in terms of rolls.

XK|X Litwick:
I have played a few rolling system roleplaying games but it was on another site (where they have a a command for dice rolling on the forum). The systems were Mutants and masterminds, Dungeons the Dragooning, and Pathfinder.

I do like playing those kinds of games every once in a while. It helps avoid having your character be capable of doing so much stuff all the time and adds an element of danger.

When compared to post type-RPs, I would say it slows the game. How much? It depends on the frequency that all of the players post as it involves posting in turns in battle situations and the like. I still like it though as the game rarely gets to like ten pages if you had to leave early.


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