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Ignazio's bio, Opinions wanted


Boris Airay- The Chesire Cat:
So, I finally wrote Ignazio's bio, now I know it won't be absolutely perfect and all, but I was wondering if I could get opinions, some feedback, maybe some ways to improve it, I'm also just posting it cause I want to see what people think of how much I've Improved

Ignazio lives in Mystic falls and has for years, having been through so many emotional moments in the town he has been a live many years learning his way around the world, and quickly. Naz was one of the first angels in existence, having followed the orders of god without question, until he actively saw a reason, something that made him wonder if there could be something more to life than obeying someone he had never actually seen with his own eyes. A few weeks later he began to question that and eventually fell. He was now stuck on earth, beginning to go about his live, which he was afraid he would spend alone since he couldn’t die easily.

He lived his life a few years before he met his sister Mimi and their mother Aeldan, who he settled down with happily for a while, before Mimi was taken by some of Lucifer’s soldiers and hidden to try and get him to come back, and his mother saw a side of him that scared her when he killed two demons, and she left him with no word of where she’d be going, so he moved on and continued to see the world

Next few hundred years later he was back in mystic falls where he met Klaus and Elijah and they’re family, who he became friends with. The one he became closest friends with was Kol, who was the one he understood the most, and who understood him the most, so naturally when they found at Esther was planning the spell to turn them all into vampires, Kol secretly found a way to get Ignazio caught in the spell without even telling Esther or Naz, and by the time he found out Kol had been daggered by Klaus. Shortly after that, he ran from Klaus to avoid being daggered if he found out about him getting turned in the spell, while running he met Amelia, who he later found out was his sister, and they began to run together, so desperately wanting to be able to settle down without fear of Klaus, even though Naz could turn it around on him with the major age difference, he was stronger, and faster than him

A few years later he was back in Mystic falls where he was finally able to settle down and live his life, by this time he had turned off his emotions and was becoming slightly sadistic by this point killing for the pure adrenaline and joy it bought him, which was the most he ever found in anything, til he met a girl named Raven and became close friends and a brother figure to her. She stood by him through anything. Soon after that he became close friends with a hybrid named Hanna who also became like a sister to him, and they both slowly tried to help him through all the pain he felt, and get him back on track without killing any one. A few days after that Raven went missing without a word, no one had heard from her and he went looking for her, only to find out she’d been locked up in a warehouse being tortured by Annabella, courtesy of a hybrid named Dwayne who they soon found a common enemy in him and Naz began to fight back. Then him and Raven had a fight, and stopped speaking, til eventually it became too much for her and she let herself burn in the sun. Shortly after that him and Hanna became closer friends and caught up once a week, since Naz didn’t have much she was trying her best to give him something to hold onto so he didn’t slip into letting his humanity go again.

Shortly after, a few months later he met and fell for Katerina who he loved dearly, then one day she went away to handle personal business, and that was when he really started to lose it, his humanity beginning to slip away from him again and the body count at his hands beginning to rise again, with not much chance of anyone helping him, but still Hanna was there no matter what he did to her. He soon met a friend of hers named Charlotte who he became good friends with, she was very loyal and stood by him as well, helping him as best she could to keep his humanity in check, eventually he adopted Lottie and looked after her like she really was his own daughter, he loved her and Austin her fiancé, who he would always look after them both. He found out after that Charlie was pregnant with his granddaughter and that made him very happy, he is now living his life with his emotions fully under control and his humanity on for now, but he doesn’t think it will be long before he has reason to turn them off again


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