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I did think of that. If other people seem to be thinking the same way, I'll join and see if it helps gain more people.

honestly, i just havent found anything interesting, and i also don't frequent this forum like i used to. i love roleplaying and there have definitely been a few awesome threads -- but i've been doing this for eight years. unfortunately, it takes a little more than "trainers/pokemon/animals doing ___" to pique my interest usually.

Truth be told I very rarely come on here anymore. I love the RP board and it was pretty much my home on this site so it's sad to see it so desolate when it used to be so busy.

I also don't have time to run an RP, nor would I want to anyway considering mine usually die (and it's usually my fault for it as well XD ). If a decent RP pops up then maybe I'll make a comeback here. Who knows.

unfortunately as old rpers rped more we got better and rps here are simply no longer interesting as you are stifled to one topic whereas with joining an actual rp site where the entire site is dedicated to one rp you have a lot more freedom.

and i hate to sound like an ~*~*elitist*~*~ but a lot of the rps made now are for like back when i was 12/13, easy rps for newcomers. experienced rpers are more likely to join a well fleshed out topic rather than "animal/people/pokemon do stuff go"

Roleplay was all I really ever used to do on this site. I haven't been on here for a very long while, but every time I've popped back this area seems more and more dead. Which is a terrible shame because I have some wonderful memories and I really did enjoy writing with the community on here. There were some great Roleplays going and it's sad to see things having fizzled out.

I hold an interest in it, although I haven't RPd on a forum in a while. I'd still be tempted to join up if something struck my interest. I guess I may be wrong in saying this, if so, excuse me, but I feel it was very much the same people on this forum. The group of Roleplayers didn't really refresh or keep growing because it was the same group, and eventually it got smaller and smaller as time went by because of loss of interest...real life etc.

Anyway. Whatever the reason, I remember 'the good old days' and certainly would be happy to see this area grow more. I feel a lot of the death may even be because people see how dead the Roleplay thread is so they don't even bother making new threads or Roleplays that may spark new interest due to the apparent emptiness of this area :/


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