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Pokemon on Sky Channel 814 CHSTV - What is It?



Can anybody help me.

There is a foreign Sky Channel on Sky 814 called CHSTV.  It shows Pokemon.  It looks really old.  I have not been able to find out what episodes or series this is.  Can anybody help?

sans the skeleton:
Unfortunately, I can't access it. Can you tell me what the episode's about and who's with Ash right now? I'll tell you :)

...I was wondering if anyone else had noticed this. ^^;; Ahem. CHSTV have been showing their Pokemon "series" for a while now and I've managed to catch a few episodes of it. -prods- Basically (although I'm not quite sure how they've managed to do this) they've spliced together Pokemon Movies and Pikachu Shorts to form a sort of "series". I think it was back in May that I caught my first episode (although I think it was labelled something like Episode 10...) - I think that episode consisted of the Opening Credits of Pikachu's Rescue Adventure, the end of Pikachu's Rescue Adventure, the start of Pikachu and the Pichu Brothers and the Ending Credits of Pokemon Movie 4Ever. Since getting through Pikachu and the Pichu Brothers, they've been showing chunks of Pokemon Movie Three (with the Opening Credits of Pikachu's Rescue Adventure and Ending Credits of Pokemon Movie 4Ever always included).

How many more Pokemon Movies or Pikachu Shorts they've managed to turn into a "series" is anyone's guess... but I've been catching it when I can in the hope that they might show one of the Pikachu Shorts that I haven't seen. -coughs innocently- I'm not complaining... although I do find the whole thing a little odd. >.>;;

Pokemon CHSTV Guy:
Here is a link to a video which I think answers the question.  :D


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