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New Pokemon Announced!


Canvis the Smeargle:
A new Pokémon has been announced, the first Ice/Steel type.


Type: Ice/Steel


Flush Feed (Water; Special; Power90; Accuracy--; The Pokémon flushes the foe into its mouth
                   from behind as it feeds. The more foes on the battlefield, the more powerful this
                   move. It may lower the target's evasiveness)

Ice Extract (Ice; Status; Power--; Accuracy--; The Pokémon bones out most of its icy, inner layer
                   of defense, reinforcing its skin with spikes. The Pokémon decreases its Defense and Special
                   Defense, but raises Attack and Speed and gains the Rough Skin effect against the foe)

Dorsal Slice (Steel; Physical; Power70; Accuracy85; The Pokémon charges at the foe and runs it over
                    with its dorsal fin. It may lower the target's Defense)

Prey Prison (Psychic; Special; Power75; Accuracy75; The Pokémon sucks the foe in and keeps it inside
                    with other swallowed prey. The common prey attacks the foe in the darkness of the
                    Pokémon's inside to demoralize it and lower its accuracy and evasiveness)


 Filter Feeder (The Pokémon does not get stat changes meant for it after using a certain
                      move) Ex. Overheat won't reduce stats. Flame Burst won't increase stats.

 Select Prey (The power of super-effective attacks is increased, while the power of not-
                    very-effective attacks is decreased)

 Shark Rivalry (The Pokémon's evasiveness increases by 1 level if there is a carnivorous Pokémon on
                       the field. If the carnivorous Pokémon is also Water-type, evasiveness will increase by 2

    *Hidden Ability: Rough Skin

Pokedex Entry


                                90 % Male                /             10 % Female           
                                            Height: 5'7"
       Whale Shark Pokémon     Type: Ice/Steel
                                            Weight: 41,200 lbs

       Whailshark has a steel-hard undercoat of ice. The spots on its body are the tops of icicles worn down into its skin. Because of its poor speed, Whailshark is an easy target for Sharpedo. Whailshark can extract and contract its icy layer through the spikes in its skin to slightly increase its speed and get away from predators. The Pokémon is very gentle to humans but is a predator to many sea Pokémon. However, anyone must be careful to avoid its powerful, sucking mouth while it is eating.

Base Stats:

HP: 123
Attack: 109
Defense: 217
Special Attack: 71
Special Defense: 156
Speed: 24

Name Origin:

Whale shark + hail = Whailshark

More information will be posted.

i thought this was legit then i saw which board it was in lmao

good job this is cute

Canvis the Smeargle:
Thanks! I was hoping for someone to rate this. You know, anything might sound legit with a catchy title. =)

Working on a prevo.

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This was me all along. I only deleted this account to register as myself really. No, I haven't made a prevo because I'm lazy. This deserves a special place in my sig.


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