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Super Smash Brothers Colleseum!

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Get ready for some new and great,yet dangerous action-packed fights.

Master hand is back and ready to kick butt...or set all the heroes from all the dimensions he collected against each other in fights to the finish.You are one of the heroes he snagged.Go,brave one,and sign up!

Character: (Who will be your character?Character list below)
Specialty: (What are you good at?It does not have to be from your character)

Character: Kirby
Specialty: Karate and Sword attacks.

Character list:
Mario: Nobody
Luigi: Nobody
Kirby: Me
Link: Nobody
Pikachu: Nobody
Poliwhirl: Nobody
Mewtwo: Nobody
Meta Knight: Nobody
King Dedede: Nobody
Pikmin swarm: Nobody
Bowser: Shiny Emboar
Lucario: ShinyBlaziken2000

Those ???s will be CPU characters you'll meet soon.

((Poliwhirl was never in it, and Where's lucario?))

Meowstic Royalty:
Stuff it, I'll be Bowser. He's the Emboar of super Mario, even though he's just a huge turtle.

It's not the original SSBB it's my version,SSBC.

Meowstic Royalty:
Character: Bowser
Specialties: Burning faces off. Too bad Master Hand doesnt even have a face. Also impaling with spikes.


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