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It's been a while since we've seen a decent Yu-gi-oh roleplay on here, I think the last time there was one Yu-Gi-Oh! Gx was showing on our tv's, so after recently rediscovering my love for the game I wondered if anyone else fancied doing a role play about it?

The big question is what to do it about, we've had the usual there's a dorm of baddies or seven dark duelists so prehaps something different? Maybe relive the old duel academy days or do something entirely different? Any suggestions would be awesome, maybe a couple of us could come together to make something?

Sounds like an interesting idea. I'd give it a shot, if I didn't know next to nothing about Yu-Gi-Oh

It would be interesting, but the duels would be difficult to implement, I tried to play a game of chess in an RP a few years ago and that took a while, but you'd have to be specific on the cards your decks contained, can't go pulling a random really rare/powerful card out of the bag somewhere, maybe everyone could PM their deck to you before the RP started? So it's only the owner of the RP that knows what everyone has, or something along those lines.

That's a really good idea and if I do start this up I'll definitely use that, any thoughts of the duels themselves though? Like how would they be done? People can't go pulling out something like a mystical space typhoon randomly when that's the card they need, it's OK once but consecutively would be rather annoying.

Moon Chaser:
I would be interested. As for the duels themselves you could use an online list shuffler before to determine card order.


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