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Lapras Evolution?

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I know, I know, lapras doesn't need an evolution, it's stats are already good. But this is supposed to be a creature of legend, maybe even a mega evolution for Lapras? Anyway, here it is:

Please excuse both the faintness of the drawing, and the awfulness of it.

Here's the info on it:


Type: Water/Dragon
Abilities: Shell Armour/Water Absorb
Hidden Ability: Marvel Scale
Weight: 350kg
Height: 3.2m

Base stats/Lapras base stats (for comparison)

HP: 145/130
Atk: 90/85
Def: 90/80
Sp Atk: 105/85
Sp Def: 110/95
Spd: 60/60
BST: 600/535

And it's level up moves:

Start: Watergun/Growl/Sing
4: Icy Wind
8: Confuse Ray
14: Water Pulse
20: Aqua Ring
26: Rain Dance
32: Dragon Pulse
38: Ice Beam
44: Brine
50: Hydro Pump
56: Megahorn
62: Sheer Cold
70: Hydroshock (signature move, explained below)


Type: Water/Dragon (Uses waters STAB & Rain, but Dragons Weakness & Resistance)

Power: 80 (seems low, but with dual STABs, any higher would be broken)

Category: Special

PP: 5 (Max. 8 )

Accuracy: 95%

Tutor moves

-> Aqua Tail
-> Block
-> Draco Meteor
-> Dragon Pulse
-> Drill Run
-> Earth Power
-> Heal Bell
-> Hyper Voice
-> Icy Wind
-> Iron Head
-> Iron Tail
-> Outrage
-> Signal Beam
-> Sleep Talk
-> Superpower
-> Zen Headbutt

TM list

TM05   Roar      
TM06   Toxic      
TM07   Hail      
TM10   Hidden Power   
TM13   Ice Beam
TM14   Blizzard      
TM15   Hyper Beam
TM17   Protect
TM18   Rain Dance   
TM20   Safeguard      
TM21 Frustration
TM24   Thunderbolt      
TM25   Thunder      
TM26   Earthquake   
TM27 Return
TM29   Psychic      
TM30   Shadow Ball      
TM32 Double Team
TM35   Flamethrower      
TM42   Facade   
TM44   Rest
TM45   Attract
TM48   Round      
TM49   Echoed Voice
TM52   Focus Blast
TM53   Energy Ball
TM55   Scald
TM59   Incinerate
TM68   Giga Impact
TM69   Rock Polish
TM78 Bulldoze
TM79   Frost Breath
TM82   Dragon Tail
TM85 Dream Eater
TM86   Grass Knot
TM87   Swagger   
TM88   Pluck      
TM90 Substitute

So, any ideas or criticism is welcome, I just want to make it as close to decent as I can. I want it to be roughly top OU in terms of competitive-ness, if that helps gauge how powerful it's intended to be.

I think it could have moves like Toxic/Draco Meteor/Earth Power/Focus Blast/Recover/Megahorn/Horn Drill and possibly a fire move? Fire Blast is a no-no for something like Laprantis. Possibly Flamethrower...or not, maybe a simple useless Incinerate in the move pool would suffice.

About that move...that essentially means that the power is huge under the rain, like near to 250? Typing it as either water or dragon would be easier, as a 95 accuracy move like that is broken in the rain, so you've got your Top OU title straight away.

I'll work on the TM list/tutor list ASAP, but I certainly agree with the ones you've posted. I agree that fire blast would be a little OP, but flamethrower wouldn't be overpowered.

As for the move, I honestly forgot about rain. It'd basically be as powerful as hydro pump but with better accuracy. Maybe it could work as Water for STAB but dragon for damage? I just want it to be something obscure for a signature move. (As this is going to be part of a trio, alongside Torkoal & Tropius evos)

Ill help tweak the movelists if you wish.

I do like that last idea. You could essentially use that for everything not Steeltype, and Surf for Water STAB. Go ahead with it if you wish.

Oh, thank you, that would be a great help! I'll fix the original post with the new mechanics for the signature move, and I'll make a start on tutor moves


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