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((Please note that this is the next part of Shiny Mega Gengar's first rp, Get Out Alive. All credit for creation of that one and this one go to him. I do have his permission to start this one*))

 It is winter in Kanto, months since the doomsday virus has ravaged the world. The doomsday pokemon are growing in number, and are getting smarter. A xatu, one of the only not doomsday, falls inside the lab. A buizel and ninetales stand trimumphantly. The buizel speaks, "Where's the cure, Abraham? You said you had it." she said. Abraham then says, "You've beaten me. The cur-" he is cut off there by the ninetales, who interjects "So you don't have it?" Abraham shakes his head, "No, I do have it. It's just-" The buizel interjects, "Where is it, and why did you create the virus? You knew that something was bound to happen." The xatu sighs, then stands up. He says, "We were doing research on hazardous chemicals and diseases. My experiment went wrong and we fled...or died."

"I then had a vision." Abraham continued, "Your friend, the ninetales..." The ninetales responds, "Keira." The xatu nodded, "Right, Keira. Anyways, I was desperate for an answer, but I got one. I was sent a future vision of a ninetales, who was almost immune, note almost, immune to fire. She also had great potential and smarts. Then the vision shifted to a young vulpix and her parents. I knew that must have been her." Keira, then said, "So? Why put all your hope in little old me? I would've been killed. Right Fleur?" The buizel, Fleur, nodded, "And you almost did, many times. Plus that's just when we knew you." Abraham continued, "The doomsday pokemon got to the family, but Keira was spared. I knew where she ended up, so I made up a story and telephoned the violent one, Del I think his name was. I told him of a cure and where to find me. I had no cure, but I wanted the girl."

 Keira was obviously outraged, but said nothing. The Xatu continued his tale, "I then found out about the girls protectors, the ones coming with her. I became fearful and made the cure, only days before right now. Now to see her evolved.... at long last. This power could be put to great use." Keira, obviously about ready to tear Abraham to shreds, bellowed, "So you made this whole thing up just to get me?! What am I, some sort of toy?!" Fleur, who seemed calm, but had more of a cold fury, responded, "So.... where is it?" The Xatu was able to get out, "In the other room." The buizel told the ninetales, "Wait outside, make sure everyone's still alive. Tend to everyone as needed." Keira nodded, looking toward her bag of healing supplies, and went out the door into the snow. Fleur walked up to Abraham, raised her fist into an ice punch, and delivered a powerful ice punch uppercut right into the bird's jaw. He fell, and as she went for the cure, she growled, "Cynic."

 Fluer's paws wrapped around the vial of cure, but suddenly, different voices were able to be heard. She peaked around the corner, a lucario, Ryu, and his group were bickering with Abraham. I need to get out, fast. thought Fleur. Her arm ached, the one where she was bitten. The buizel was the only known pokemon to have survived a bite. In fact, it enhanced her speed. She relied on this and used quick attack to duck through the shadows, past the other pokemon and outside. However, Ryu thought he saw something move. As Fleur started for the trees, the lucario yelled, "Hold it!" Fleur stopped. Ryu said, "Come back with the cure! We won't do anything, all we want is the cure. Then we'll go back to Kalos."

 Fleur responded, "Funny, because that's where I was going. And about the cure, no." She kept going, almost to the trees. Ryu charged with extremespeed, but Fleur dodged masterfully. The lucario called his group out to follow. Fleur then said, "Fine! Everyone, come on out!" Then one by one, a small group of pokemon rose, some from the trees, one, Keira, from the snow. The ninetales seemed to know these pokemon, Fleur said, "Can you handle this?" Keira then said, "I can do more than that." she had a devilish grin on her face.

 Keira stepped forward and pushed Ryu over into the snow. "What the hell? Why did you just leave me for dead on the beach!" She stared daggers at the lucario. Ryu then flashed back.....

 In the flashback, a vulpix was seen taking a surf from a doomsday pokemon. She was near dead. Ryu stayed behind, he wanted to pay his last respects. he thought she was dead. He then left. That vulpix was Keira.

 "Keira? I thought you were dead!" Ryu said, standing. Keira then said, sharply, "Guess not! And also, guess who evolved?!" Ryu started towards her, and said, "Come on back with me. We can get the cure and go end this." Keira growled, "I'm warning you, take one more step...." The lucario did. The ninetales grinned, "I've been waiting for this for months..." She charged fire and blasted Ryu with overheat. Ryu stood up and started to charge an aura sphere, "Keira! Come on!" Keira jumped up and slammed a paw into his face, ending the skirmish. Keira then said, "No, you come on! You left me there, you've been acting all overly important and I was getting tired of it! That was the final straw. This proves that you aren't almighty!" She then turned to Fleur and the rest of her group, "Let's go, i'm done with him." One of the pokemon in the other group stepped forward, but Keira turned and glared at it, and they backed up.

 Fleur and her group started to leave, except for Keira. She left an Oran and Rawst berry behind. "See you, and don't die." she said, running to catch up with her new teammates. The ninetales disappeared off into the Kanto winter.

Plot: This is set after Get Out Alive. Fleur and her group reached the cure and got it. They're heading back to Kalos to make the cure and end the doomsday virus. However, the danger still exists. Doomsday pokemon are getting smarted by the second and are growing in number. You are a part of Fleur's group. None of you are doomsday. Your mission is to get back safely and to end the virus.

Usual PKMN rules apply
No Limelighting, besides for your starter post
No godmodding.
No controlling another person's character unless that person give you permission. That person must also notify me.
Be nice and respectful
Have fun
If you want to ask something, or to spice up the plot, pm me. I'm open to suggestions.

Character form:
Pokemon: (Just pick a pokemon. If it seems questionable, ask. No legends)

Gender: (If you need to ask, really you shouldn't)

Appearance: (Anything special about your character? What do they look like?)

Personality: (What is your character like? What makes them tick? 3 line minimum)

Moveset: (What moves do they wield?)

Weapons and Gear: (Nothing op. Also, not infinite amounts of anything. Be reasonable. Optional)

History: (What's the backstory? 3 line minimum)

Starter post: (What were you doing while Keira and Fleur were getting the serum that will save all of our sorry hides? And during the confrontation? 8 Sentence minimum)

I will control Keira and Fleur, their forms will come later if there is interest.

Nova - Female houndoom (Kpyna)
Patrick - Male Sylveon (Danatales)
Sixx - Male Zoroark (Danatales)
Keira - Female ninetales (ShinyBlaziken2000)
Fleur - Female buizel (ShinyBlaziken2000)
S.C.R.A.P. - Porygon using masculine pronouns (The Macintosh Ninja: SOH CAH TOA)
Subject 001 - Male anorith (dragoncat)
Reiru - Female charizard (OpalRhea)
Mikhial - Male Alakazam (OpalRhea)

Reserved Spots:

*The original rp can be found for reference here: http://pkmn.net/forums/index.php?topic=105365.0

Name: Nova
Pokemon: Houndoom
Gender: Female
Appearance: Nova's fur shimmers blue, very unusual for a houndoom. Her eyes are the typical crimson red, and she has dwarfed horns, just like a normal houndoom female. Her underbelly is pale orange, and her stature is nothing impressive for a houndoom of her sex. One of the eye sockets on the skull on her chest has a houndoomite pendant driven into it.
Personality: For a pokemon that was forced to raise itself, Nova is surprisingly friendly towards those that still have a pulse. She believes that all survivors should stick together for the good of all pokemon, including herself. She's not sensitive though, and doesn't mind getting into quarrels and even physical fights with others. Nova doesn't have a lot of faith in others sticking around, and when she learned there was a cure, she just wanted it so she could cure her pack, and have her life be normal for once. She does long for that normal life, and is driven to get it.
Moveset: Crunch, Will-o-Wisp, Dark Pulse, Flamethower.
Weapons: Houndoomite.
History: Nova was born in a pack, as one of the few remaining tribal pokemon that still exist, in a world that became full of cities and settlers. She was the daughter of the pack's leader, and had great prophetic importance, due to the exotic color of her fur. However, when all of the elders in the pack called for great property due to her birth, the Doomsday virus took over. After her pack was inevitably destroyed, Nova got together with other groups of pokemon to attempt to live as normal a life as she could, but the groups were often destroyed or dissolved. She met Kiera and her group a few days after Kiera was deserted by the original group.
Starter post:

 Nova was guarding the outside, making sure that no doomsday or otherwise were going to get in, and foil the group's plans. She didn't know why any survivors would want the serum for malicious reasons, but she wasn't about to take any chances of anyone stealing it. After all, who could she trust with it besides herself?

 A commotion came from within the building, and Nova could see Fleur jump from out of the building with the vial. Nova snapped to attention, and ran by Fleur to protect her from whatever might be after her. She saw Fleur in  confrontation with a Lucario, and Nova got down deep into the ground, trying to make herself totally invisible to the Lucario. She could sense other group members around her. If this Lucario messed up, he might not make it out alive... Nova hoped that for his sake, he made it out alive.

"Everyone, come on out!" Fleur called, and Nova stepped forward, glaring into the Lucario. However, Kiera seemed to have him covered-- one dramatic confrontation and and overheat later, and the group was on their way to spread the cure.

"Well, and just like that, we're on our way to ending this mess..." Nova said, looking behind her at the lab, and the other survivors. She wondered how far they must have come... No matter, the outcome would most likely be what they would ultimately want, anyways. "Hey, Kiera, that Lucario won't cause us any grief, right?"

Congratulations, Nova has been accepted. If another user or two decide to join, Keira and Fleur shall be made.

Name: Patrick
Pokemon: Sylveon
Gender: Male
Appearance: Looks like the average Sylveon, albeit a little shorter. He also has a slightly longer and fluffier tail. His feeler ribbons are constantly waving and wiggling and curling around whatever's close by. He has an optimistic air about him, and is usually gently smiling.
Personality: With a quiet voice and friendly words, Patrick is a kindhearted friend to all, good at soothing arguments and calming frightened souls. He keeps his chin up no matter what, and doesn't let the little things trip him up. He hates seeing others in pain, and wants to restore the world to its peaceful prior state. He's also a bit of a weirdo, daydreaming and making odd comparisons and collecting whatever little baubles he can find just for fun.
For his cute looks and sweet personality, though, he is a skilled defensive battler, good at confusing and wearing out foes while Sixx physically takes things down. His relationship with the Zoroark is extremely tight, and he is the best for calming Sixx's anxieties.
Moveset: Protect, Double Team, Sand Attack, Moonblast
Weapons and Gear: Keeps a little leather satchel around his side, full of berries and little trinkets he's discovered along the journey.
History: Patrick never knew his birth family. His egg was accidentally knocked out of its clutch, and ended up at the bottom of a ditch until it was scooped up by an expectant Zoroark mother who felt bad for the lost unborn child and took the egg back to her nest. He hatched with her other Zorua babies, and was raised along with them as their weird Eevee sibling. Sixx was one of his 'siblings', and the two became extremely close, brothers in every sense except blood. The love they have for each other is what allowed Patrick to evolve into a Sylveon. When the Doomsday virus stroke their entire family was wiped out, leaving Sixx and Patrick to strike out on their own and make due. They eventually joined Fleur's legion, and travel with hope a cure will be tracked down.
Starter post: [see below, his and Sixx's are combined]

Name: Sixx
Pokemon: Zoroark
Gender: Male
Appearance: Has a bit of an odd condition where the markings around his eyes aren't red, but black, giving almost an eyeliner-like appearance. The black tips in his back/head/tail fur are also bigger than normal, leaking into his main red fur. The bead-like ornament clipped around his tail is silver instead of blue-ish green. He's tall and lanky, but often hunches over, hiding his true stature. He's missing a few teeth, and his right ear is badly mangled and ripped up.
Like all Zoroarks, Sixx can create illusions and make himself appear as other Pokemon; however, his illusions are often easy to discern if one looks hard enough. Notably, he has trouble changing his eyes, meaning when he appears as other Pokemon he tends to still have his bright teal eyes. Large scale illusions wear him out quickly, too
Personality: Sixx likes to play up a real tough guy act to impress people, rolling his eyes and snarking and threatening enemies, but in reality, he's a very nervous creature. He spends a lot of time quietly trying to not have an anxiety attack and having trouble making friends. He admires Keira heavily, but never can find the words to say it. The Doomsday virus sickens him, and he wants to find a cure badly, to prevent the atrocities that befell his and presumably innumerable other families.
Patrick is the most important Pokemon in his life right now. The two play to each other's skills excellently, and battle best as a team. Sixx is constantly keeping an eye out for his 'brother', and would be beyond crushed if anything happened to him
Moveset: Night Slash, Agility, Hone Claws, Dig
Weapons and Gear: Sharp claws, speed, and his cloaking techniques.
History: Sixx was always a nervous boy. He grew up with his siblings under the watchful eye of their mother, a shy and quiet baby fox who spent a lot of time with his odd adopted brother Patrick. He grew close to the eevee, evolving not long before he did. All was well until the Doomsday virus struck. He watched his own blood kin be turned into monsters and fled with Patrick into the wilderness, roaming about without much of a cause and often getting himself in scuffles until they joined Fleur's group.
Starter post:

"You're trembling," Patrick said quietly, delicate body flattened against the cold, snowy earth, hiding as much as the short pink creature could. One of his feelers appeared to be wrapped around a tree branch. He watched the building Fleur had gone into, listened as commotion rumbling from inside. He hoped nothing was going wrong.

"Something's happening in there," the tree replied, shifting a bit and causing an odd rippling along its limbs: a telltale sign of a Zoroark illusion, "And I don't think it's something good."

"Ah, well, with that attitude, of course not!" Patrick giggled. His large ears perked up suddenly, as he watched Fleur rocket out of the building, vial of cure in hand. He grinned, and turned his head to the "talking tree" "You see! Always such a Negative Nosepass!...Hm?" The Sylveon squinted, spotting a Lucario their Buizel leader was now getting into a bit of a growling contest with. "Oh my..."

Just then, Fleur called for everyone to come out, and with a heavy sigh the tree rippled and faded, revealing a hunched over, huffing Sixx. It'd take him a little to recover from that illusion. He looked up, spying Nova the houndoom not close by, and turned to watch as Keira appeared, screamed at, and attacked the Lucario. "tch. Serves that idiot right."

The brothers crept closer as the confrontation came to a head, Keira practically decimating the Lucario with an Overheat. Soon after, their little survivor group was back on their way to Kalos, though Sixx kept glancing back at the lab and hoping everything was going alright. Patrick bounded beside him, smiling. "Well, that's a finished step! Just a little more closer to a full cure and happiness for all." Sixx looked down at him and scoffed a quiet laugh, reaching to muss the Sylveon's head.

I will reserve a spot. However, having 2 ninetales in the party could get a bit confusing for a scrub like me. Plus, i'd prefer that people have 1-2 characters so that other people can get spots and that the characters that each user has will get the proper amount of attention. Not that you have to be rid of a character, it's just 3 can get very hectic. I do, however, thank you for using some males in it, there were a lot of females so far and no males.


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