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I'm gonna post a bio in a couple hours. ^_^


Name: Kitsami Sarobin
Age: 24
Gender: Male

Kitt seems quiet when you first meet him, but he quickly opens up to you if he sees you as his friend. Always alert, he is ready for action at a moment's notice. He will not hesitate if his friends need him and he always helps out whenever he can.
Kitsami was formally a grunt in Team Galatic while they were stationed in the Sinnoh. However, when he learned of Cyrus's plan to chain the Lake Trio, he quietly slipped away. While he made his escape, he managed to free a Riolu who was imprisoned in the Veilstone Headquarters. He then boarded a ship that took him to Vermillion City where he and his Riolu went on to defeat the 8 Kanto gym leaders and his Riolu evolved into a Lucario. When Team Galatic conquered Kanto, Kitt decided it was best if he escaped to Island One of the Sevii Islands, hoping it was out of Galatic's control. That was a month ago though and now Galatic has taken over the Sevii Islands as well. Rather than running away, Kitt has decided to fight back. He only hopes that it isn't too late. He is onboard the Sea Gallop now, en route to Cinnabar Island with his Lucario at his side.


Nickname: Kenji
Species: Lucario
Gender: Male
Starting level: 52
Current move set:
-Aura Sphere
-Bone Rush
-Force Palm
-Circle Throw

Other Details:: Kitt trained Kenji to use telepathy and has him to wear a cloak to hide from Galatic when not in combat. This is the cloak:

Starter Post:

The wind rushed past Kitt's ears as he waited on the ferry to reach Cinnibar. He was standing on the front of the ship, one foot on the railing. He spent the last month training for this moment. The time for running is over. Team Galatic has overstepped their boundaries conquering the Kanto region. He had hoped that they stayed in the Sinnoh where they belonged. Yet, alas, his past caught up with him as it always did.

Are you nervous? Kitt turned to see a cloaked figure standing behind him. It was his Lucario in disguise. Team Galatic passed laws saying if a human is caught with a Pokemon the consequences were severe. Hence, Kitt made certain that nobody will notice Lucario by giving him a human-like name Kenji and training him to use Telepathy.

"A little. We have been running from Team Galatic for some time." Kitt replied in a calming voice. "I believe you are ready though. We have been through a lot as partners and I promise I won't let any harm come to you."

Kenji nodded. Right. The Lucario moved forward, careful not to let any of his features show. We have been through a lot together, haven't we? We escaped those cruel men who were trying to experiment on me. If I ever see those scientists again....I will show them how my Aura operates. With a nice Aura Sphere. Kitt chuckled.

"Well, we most likely will be. Who knows...there might even be other people who are sick of Team Galatic like we are. I suppose we can use as much help as we can get from anyone."

Yet, you know fully well I don't trust other humans.

Looks good overall, but 52 may be too high a starting level. It makes sense for the character, but put in practice could cause problems. Maybe you could put some sort of limiting factor on it but keep the level the same? Like, since he said he didn't trust other humans, maybe he could be reluctant to fight with the rest of the group? That way it won't just blast through any obstacle. At least until the rest of the group starts to catch up, level-wise. You don't have to, I can try to find other ways to keep it from being too overpowered.

In retrospect, I probably should have specified a range of what levels would be allowed...


Name: Elle Vargas

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Appearance: 5'5, lean build. Often assumed to be harmless because of this, but can beat the absolute hell out of someone if threatened. Incredibly pale,  has naturally straight waist-length Scarlet hair and bright blue eyes. Wears tight, faded jeans with several cuts in the right thigh, dark gray T-shirt and sneakers, and dons a black hooded sweatshirt in cold weather or "night ops". She keeps a five-inch knife strapped to her leg under her pants, a lockpicking set in one of her shoes,  and a broken mega ring on a  silver chain around her neck.

Personality: Resourceful and quick-witted. She's sometimes mistaken to be cold and distant, but this has always been when she was occupied with studying and tracking a target. When not on the job, Elle is wily and amiable, at least on the outside. Beneath the surface, though, her mind just never stops analyzing people, trying to discern how best to take their belongings or win them over as an ally. Her outwardly easygoing nature has made her quite a few friends and contacts in the dark underbelly of Celadon and its neighboring Saffron. In social situations, she is constantly joking with, and teasing, people. She operates well under pressure, moving quickly if put in a tight spot but still keeping her head and putting it to work finding a way to get out unscathed... and making sure any adversaries don't leave that way.

History: Elle grew up in the streets of Celadon's bad side, fleeing from a group home when she was small. She made her way as a pickpocket forn the first few years, then graduated to b&e. At the age of six, she discovered the abandoned basement of the game Corner while looking for a place to stay. After a short time wandering around, she came across a tiny yellow lizard locked in a cage, left behind after the Rockets cleared out. The oddly colored charmander became her constant companion, helping in her less-than-legal activities and occasionally taking a few battles for food-and-clothes money. Hers and her Pokemon's life were affected little when Galactic took over; the pair simply retreated underground for a while. As far as anyone can tell, she only joined in the rebellion for the fun of taking down a major crime organization.


Nickname: Raze
Species: Charmeleon (Sh)
Gender: Female
Starting level: 34
Current move set: Flame burst, fire fang, dragon pulse, shadow claw (TM received as payment for winng dissident battle tournament)
Other Details: Raze is absolutely ruthless in battle. Any opportunity to KO her opponent, no matter how cruel or unfair, is taken without hesitation. Outside of combat, she shares her trainer's wily nature, and loves to send small bursts of fire at people or Pokemon. She evolved just recently, after wiping out a flock of wild spearow during the pair's move to the Digglett tunnel.

Starter Post: The frigid night wind put a chill through the pair crouched at the edge of the woods. The figure on the right raised its hood, wisps of crimson hair flying around the edges of the cloth. The other simply raised its internal temperature, smoke rising from its nostrils as a flare at the end of the being's electric-yellow tail glowed for a moment before returning to a small jet of flame.
"I hate when you do that, you know... You'll give away our position."
The human reached out and grabbed the horn protruding from her companion's head and gave it a playful shake. A hissing rumble sounded from the creature's throat, and its tail thumped against the girl's back. She chuckled. "Whatever, Raze. Just wait a little longer. Five minutes, and I'll have you full of the best stuff this puny town has to offer."
Elle turned back to take in the city, almost sneering. Vermillion was tiny compared to what she'd seen all her life; the fishing town's tallest building was a lone hotel, and that was barely three floors. It didn't matter, anyway. They'd only be here for half an hour tops, then off to the meeting place. She was still a bit suspicious of that brunette's plan. How did she know the rest weren't Galactic's informants, sent to sniff her out? Who was to say they weren't just waiting for the right time, whenever that was? Then again, in the two years since she made payroll off of those stolen silph scopes, the organization hadn't been able to find her
The sound of Raze's impatient growl brought Elle out of her paranoid trance. What was wrong with her? If they hadn't tracked the stolen goods back to her by now, odds were they never would. Her eyes flicked over the city's dim lights once more, then she leaned in close to her partner. The near-invisible steam emanating from the lizard's flesh was blissfully warm; she was almost tempted to just snuggle the pokemon like she did when she was little. But there was work to be done.
"Alright," she whispered. "Here's your part..."

Some twenty minutes later, Vermilion City's police force was pacing around and inside a local couple's home, questioning the frightened pair and inspecting a large hole in one wall. What the thieves had taken, for this was clearly a robbery, wasn't nearly as troubling as the nature of the hole. Rather than having been broken, the glass was melted at the edges of the jagged opening. Whatever the cause, it had to be hot enough to vaporize glass and controlled enough to leave the house standing. The crime would go unsolved, but the residents and local law enforcement involved would puzzle about the incident for weeks to come.


Name: Anya Aonair
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Appearance: Anya has black hair down below her shoulder blades, kept in a ponytail. Her eyes are deep set and emerald green. She has tanned olive skin, and a lean build. She wears tight black pants and a similar top under a long, tattered red cloak. She wars a black mask over her mouth as well as a tight sash she uses as a belt. She also uses it to store her falchions. Image reference:
She is about 5'8".

Personality: Anya is quiet and brooding. When she does talk, she tends to be very cynical and jaded. She goes unnoticed by many people, and prefers it that way.
History: Anya was raised by her family in a remote part of Route 228 until Pokémon were banned. Now she lives within a secret community of people and Pokémon. She hatched Saphira when she was twelve, after receiving the egg as a gift from her former neighbour, Dax, who had been her best friend since they were around four years old. Dax also is currently in the secret community.  More in the starter post.


Nickname: Saphira
Species: Gabite
Gender: Female
Starting level: 24
Current move set:
Hone Claws

Other Details:(optional)
Ability: Sand Veil
Nature: Jolly
Starter Post:

On the exposed parts of her skin, Enya could feel the desert heat. She could see the blinding glow from sand reflected sunlight through her closed eyelids. She could smell the dusty grit of the sand everywhere around her.

She took a breath and opened her eyes. Six attackers, three armed. She whipped out her falchions and raised one up to block the first attack Breathe in, and swung the other cleanly through his midsection. She grabbed another enemy Breathe out, knocking him off his feet and onto her blade. She swung him into another enemy Breathe in, then pulled her blade out from him and stabbed another in one smooth movement. Breathe out The other two (armed) began attacking her from either side. Breathe in She blocked their first two attacks, and then swept one off his feet Breathe in, bringing the movement up into a double slash across the other's chest Breathe out, finishing by stabbing into the last attacker. She blinked, and he was gone; back to the dust and shadows of her imagination once more. I have trained for this for years. I begin later today. I will be ready.[/b] She wiped sweat off her brow and readied herself to begin the exercise again when Saphira came over and nudged her head under Anya's hand. She looked down. "Alright, girl. We'll go home."

They headed across the dunes to the secret entrance of the community's hideout-
which had been blown wide open. She rushed in and headed to the main room, jumping over bodies and not seeing any signs of life. Human and pokémon alike lay on the ground, pools of red spread around them. She reached the main room and immediately spotted the person she was looking for. She rushed over and put her hands on his shoulders. "DAX!"

Slowly, he opened one eye, and coughed. "Hey," he said in a weak voice. "Don't... talk. I don't ha... time. Take... Skar..." He faded a bit, and Anya stood up, blinking away a tear. He reached up and feebly grabbed her shirt. "Set him free..." Anya nodded. He slumped back and breathed his last. Anya closed his eyes and murmured a brief prayer to Arceus and Yveltal for safe passage through the afterlife.

She got up and ran to the rookery, sweeping back the curtain in front of the door and unlocking it with her key. She walked in and mounted the Skarmory within. "C'mon, Skar." The two of them flew off, heading for the diglett tunnel.

And here she was. She had already set Skar free and was at the tunnel mouth. She took a deep breath. Here we go.[/b] She started, noting that she had smelled smoke, and drew a falchion. She crept into the cave, locating an alcove where the smoke was apparently coming from. She whipped around the corner and put her blade to the throat of the person in there. She stated the first part of the agreed password: "When the Noctowl sleeps, how does its head droop?"


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