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At Gréine academy, students are trained for battle. Most students go on to try their luck at being heroes, bodyguards, mercenaries, or anything else. There are five tiers of students: The Novice Tier, who are either new, very bad at schoolwork, or just plain lazy. One step above that is the Trainee Tier, who are just starting to learn actual combat/weapons skills. Above that is the Intermediate Tier, which consists of full time students who live on campus and learn from tutors in classes of 7-10 students. Second to last is the Stalwart Tier, which consists of students that have no teacher and train to become Solars. The Solar Tier are elite students who have not decided to go into a profession just yet or are tutors for Intermediates.

Every five years, there is a Quest. The Quest participants are decided randomly, and there is no restriction based upon tiers. Only five people are chosen for this quest. One of those five people may be you.
Be nice
No godmods
No force rping (Forcefully making it how you want it to go)

Appearance: (Can be in picture form)
Personality: (I understand your intent and what actually happens in this regard can differ greatly, so don’t think of this part as chaining you down or anything)
Weapon: (Make it realistic to the appearance/general character stats. No tiny girls wielding battle axes bigger than a house)
Role: (Are they one of the questers, a teacher, or what?)
Tier: (Only for Griéne academy students, NO SOLARS)
Backstory: (MUSTMUSTMUST be at least a decent length)

NO STARTER POSTS. Not yet anyway.

Name: Ryke
Gender: Male
Personality: Will get to this
Weapon: Dual Falchion
Role: Quester
Tier: Intermediate
Backstory: I'll get to this as well.


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