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So, as I become more involved in D&D, I'm finding that I definitely like the idea of there being a DM in forum-based role play. I feel like all too often players are too afraid to push the plot in a direction, and it often leads to role plays stagnating, and oftentimes, the death of the game.

I've been thinking of being more of a DM of sorts in a future role play I'm thinking of creating. I'd just play any NPCs or forces of nature, and dictate what does and doesn't happen through dice rolls and stuff to keep things fair. I've seen it rarely on a lot of role playing sites, but I feel like it could work, I would just probably have to sacrifice making my own character, or merely have him / her as a way of getting stuff done.

I was thinking of rekindling an idea I had a while ago, about a group of kids / teenagers getting stranded on a remote island thanks to a plane or boat crash, or even by some strange force getting "teleported" to a fantasy kind of world, where they need to survive and find their way back. That way I could provide lore and create plenty of conflict for the players to deal with, and you're not gonna be able to defeat every enemy that comes your way. I'm thinking of even making certain dramatic failures result in death / injury of the character, which comes to another question: Would you be too P.O'd if as an unbiased GM I made things difficult for your character, like making them sick if they do things that should probably make you sick, or getting hurt / even killed in some situations. Of course, if I implemented death I'd make it more like a Dungeons and Dragons style where you could be brought back by some quest or magical item.

I feel either way I'm still gonna get around to making the role play, but I would just like to know if this is an idea that others would despise or if you would consider it interesting. I'd definitely make there be a decent amount of unexpected danger, a decent amount of combat, and a lot of exploring with a more interactive environment. However if you definitely wouldn't have any interest in a role play like it, or if you have horror stories about it, I'd be interested in hearing them. And, on the other side of the coin, I'd love to hear interest in the idea if you are at all.

Just so you know, if I feel an rp is slowing down, I'll try to push it in a different direction, so no worries from me.

I think this could be pretty interesting, but i've never done something like D&D, so i'd be learning at the same time.

Well, I think the only one that would be really required to have knowledge of how D&D works would be me -- you would just do your own things and I would create certain stats for enemies or be the one that tells the story, while you guys react and can even commandeer the plot if you guys really want. While I have a vision I try to share with you guys, ultimately you guys would be in control of what you want to do and what you choose to do would change the course of stuff. I would be available to answer any questions about the environment or creatures that your character may or may not know.

Like if a character was gonna go out into the forest to search for supplies to build a house, I may describe the environment, and maybe drop some subtle hints as to what direction you could do to realistically accomplish the task you wanna do. Or maybe if the dice roll hates you then a predatory animal will jump out of the brush and you better run as fast as you can or try to fight it.

Alright, yeah. I want to do this. That sounds like a lot of fun.

I've done something like this in a chat based rp. It was more as an event sort of thing, where everyone's characters were transported to some dungeon where they had to make it to the boss alive and the last one standing wins, if they kill the boss (the rp overall was sort of a virtual reality/fantasy sort of thing. Actually, it was where my character for one of the rps we did here previously came from.) It was a lot of fun, even though my character died (near the end... She was the one of the last two alive but the other guy was a magic user who could fight at a distance). All of the characters were revived at the end, so no one really minded if their character died, though it did lead to some 'revenge seeking' between a character who saved another and got killed for it and the character she saved, but that was purely in-character. So, basically, yeah, I think this is a great idea, I'm all for it.


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