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“Group One – That is First Class – Please report to the boarding deck.”
The airport was bustling as a large group prepared to board the plane. The airport became louder as groups as the excitement began to grow among the group travelers. Passengers finished licking the icing from the cinnamon rolls from off their fingers.

“Group Two – That is rows 23 to 18 – Please report to the boarding deck.”
The calling continued, with each traveler gaining their place in line, and moving through the boarding area, and taking their seats on the plane.

When everyone had loaded, the flight attendant began to instruct the passengers on safety. The plane remained silent, out of courtesy rather than attention.

“In case of an emergency landing, oxygen masks will be deployed from the above compartment,” the attendant said, putting a prop mask on her face. “In case of a water landing, your seat cushion may function as a flotation device...”

A short time after the presentation, the plane was off. The wheels spun on the runway, and as the nose began to lift into the air, the air seemed to become terse as the passengers were forced far back into their seats. Soon the view from the window reflected an ever-shrinking New York City, as the plane rapidly moved away from land, and over the ocean. In less than eight hours, the passengers were expected to touch down in London.

The first three hours of the flight were as normal. Tiny soda cans, and tinier containers of mixed nuts were given to the passengers, along with menus with overpriced airplane food. That's when things got hectic.

The plane began to shake in the air. Passengers began to shake in their seats, and someone's glass of cola spills in the aisle. There were utterances of annoyance. However, upon peering out the window, only darkness could be seen. A loud crack echoed through the plane. A fuzzed voice appeared on the intercom. “Hello, this is your captain speaking. Do not panic, we were only hit by stray electricity. However, we would like to ask all passengers to fasten their restraints and remain seated.”

Shortly after the message, another bolt must have hit the plane. This time, the lighting flickered, and a burning smell could be smelled throughout the entire plane. The pilot crackled back on the intercom: “Due to the conditions, we're going to have to make an emergency water landing. Oxygen masks have been deployed. In the meantime, I must ask all passengers to remain calm, but prepare for a sudden landing. Thank you.”

The plane was overtaken with panic as the travelers grabbed the masks that had fallen before them, and secured them to their faces. The plane was shaking, and it was easy to see that many people were on the verge of getting sick while the plane made its way quickly down. The panic was nearly silent, but easily percieved.

At this point, you blacked out.

Hello, welcome to the role play! Your character is a young traveler that was in a major plane wreck. All you can remember is what came before the crash, blacking out, and then waking up on a beach. You know very little about where you've ended up, but rest assured, you'll figure all that out with the correct probing. All I'm going to tell you for now, is there's creatures of legend here, and you're not exactly in the safest of places at the moment.

To avoid worrying your parents, you're probably gonna wanna find your way back. But, how are you ever gonna do that?

I'm going to tell the storyline, and play most of the NPCs, as well as control the environment and provide information. Like any role play, you of course have the option of doing almost anything you want within reason, but I will be answering most of your questions about the world and controlling things such as combat that can get messy without the inclusion of a third party. If you've played D&D, I'm pretty much your DM.

Game Guidelines:

1) Don't god mode. I will deliver some powerful retribution for it.
2) Don't control other people's characters. However, in the case of a “cause and effect” case, I personally reserve the right to use a very short moment of control with your character, like tripping them and stuff.
3) Try to keep active. If stuff comes up, shoot me a message. If I notice you haven't posted in a bit, I may send a reminder to prevent you from falling behind. If you want a recap at any time, send me a message.
4) Don't worry about creating long posts. You have full liberty to write as much as you want, but it's okay to write posts that are short, but sufficient in describing what you want to do.

Here's the form:

--- Code: ---[b]Name:[/b]
[b]Description:[/b] Give me a good mental image.
[b]Possessions:[/b] You may want to update this later when you acquire more stuff.
For now, whatever your character was carrying in their pockets.
Remember you were on a plane, so US TSA guidelines should be considered.
If you're unsure about an item, I'll let you know.
--- End code ---

Character List:

Reserving this post for major NPC information.

Where is the plane travelling to?

I'd like to join this!

Oh, I must have forgot to state that. It was travelling from New York City to London.

Name: Diana Temple
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Description: Diana is slight and flexible but has no muscle mass. She's of average height and dresses for comfort and practicality rather than for fashion, as such she was wearing sweat pants, trainers and a baggy shirt on the plane - coupled with a military style jacket with lots of pockets. Her face is even and rounded with brown eyes that match her shoulder length hair (tied back). Thin lips and a pointing nose complete her tanned appearance.
Personality: She thrives on ambition and it is higher in her priorities on her family and friends. Diana believes herself to be observant and though this is true, sometimes she misses things in plain sight. As a side-effect if her observance, she sometimes reads into actions and clues too far and this can lead to her getting things wrong (and when she was in school it often meant that she 'waffled' her essays). She's quite independent and this is sometimes perceived as arrogance or obnoxiousness.
History: Diana, a budding writer, was taking a gap year when she boarded the plane. From a small town family whom she got on with, she dreams of travel and adventure. From London, Diana was going to change planes and continue to Denmark where she would research and write a debut novel about tribal existence. Having previously studied Literature and History, Diana's grades weren't that great but the wealth of her family afforded her a good editor and funds to fuel her ambition.
Possessions: Mobile phone, memory fried; Notebook, pages tattered, ink run or missing; four hair grips and two bobbles; pen, ink empty; headphones, hopelessly tangled & water-logged; iPod, water damaged and screen smashed.


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