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What? Blaze making a non-pokemon rp? Scandalous, I know.

Plot: You're living your lives in your house in modern times when suddenly, when you are asleep/unconscious (pick one), you wake up in what seems to be an armory for a Middle Ages army. As the weapons, which have been predetermined for your character (you pick in your join form), are forced into your hands, your goal is being explained. It's your average goal, quest to the menacing castle in the distance and slay the monsters and dark forces within, plus any you encounter along the way, and shatter the dark crystal which is somewhere in there, wielded by the dark wizard (of course). That might be enough for you to wake up. Oh, did I mention you are trapped in this dream until you achieve this goal? Luckily, all of our characters are grouped together! What fun!

Follow the rules of the site (Hoped you did this already)

No god-modding (Being op or taking control of another person's character without permission from that person)

No limelighting

Keep it PG-13. Minor blood is permitted but do not go "blood and guts galore!"

Use common sense

If you have an idea for the rp, ask me about it, don't just do it.

Any questions? Don't be afraid to shoot me a pm. I won't bite...hard.

Character form:
Name: (You can't wander nameless)
Gender: (Also self-explanatory)
Age: (Teen to young adult is recommended, but as long as it makes sense, go for it)
Appearance: (What does x look like? Be descriptive and use at least 3 lines)
Personality: (Once again, what is this person like? 2 line minimum)
Class: (Stuff like: Paladin, Mage, Berserker, Cleric, Warrior, Archer, Rogue. If you have one that isn't listed, ask me. In this time, your character will wear the armor/clothing for their class. Also, just because you are one class doesn't mean you don't have something similar to another. Ex: Mage casting healing magic or a Berserker having a shield)
Weaponry: (What do you have? Don't overdo it but don't be under equipped)
Other: (Any other significant piece of info we might want to know. Ex. You can have a familiar if you are a mage, just don't make it too strong, just give it minor abilities. This part of the form is optional.)
Starter Post: (Paragraph minimum. Basically the backstory of the day/night you fall asleep/black out and end up in this mess. Your reaction to this whole mess and if you're towards the end of the joiners, your reactions to everyone else who is there so far. Be creative if you must.)

You may have up to 2 characters. You can have one, but no more than 2. Familiars, if you are a mage, are a minor part and don't take a character slot up. I would recommend different classes, unless you have a plan.

Leo Scarlett (War Monk, Breaking Blaziken)
Fay Gardener (Cleric, dragoncat)
Mira Young (Mage, dragoncat) [Small dragon familiar, Jeon]
Theo Arrie (Druid, Kpyna) [Bear cub familiar, Jasper]
Mocedad Hidalgo (Dragoon, The Macintosh Ninja: SOA CAH TOA)
Jamie McSeeley (Rouge, Waterstone)
Anna McSeeley (Archer, Waterstone)
Christiana ’Chris’ Cordom (Warrior, OpalRhea)
Andrea  'Andy'  Roberts (Ranger, OpalRhea)

Have fun and I hope you guys like it (once we start). My form will be up after a couple of people join in.

not chloe:
*makes interest known because RPs are both fun but also good writing practice which I will need as I begin to write my debut novel*

I'll count that as a reserve if it's all the same to you. If it isn't, I can fix it later. The new one is the first to throw her hat into the ring? Interesting....

not chloe:
Blaze I am not new. You know me.

You already know I'm interested, just need a little time for the character form. Mainly because I don't want to be the first ^^;


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