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Deignjair, the Wind Hazard Pokemon


This was originally made as a joke, but I ended up liking it.

Seems I've got everything except egg groups and a complete learnset. Primary egg group is probably Amorphous, if I had to pick, though looking at its BST it's probably standalone and/or non-breedable. Kind of reluctant to subtract any of its abilities though; coming up with abilities that are both suiting and cool is pretty hard, and I like what I came up with.

As for moves, pretty sure it'd get Tailwind, Nasty Plot, Hurricane, and some other Dark- and (what few other wind-or cloud-based) Flying-type moves, but other than that I'm stumped. Would Cotton Guard be pushing it? Probably. I guess it could learn Rain Dance and Thunder, too, via TM.

Either way, question for competitive players: what'd even be a good moveset for Deignjair? What battle format do you think it'd shine strongest in, for that matter?


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