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Someone help me evolve my Seadra


I'm finally getting around to finishing oras and I need to evolve my Seadra into a Kingdra! I have a dragon scale just can't trade it lmao

If one of you lovely members would be so kind to help me on my quest, it'd be much appreciated! I don't really have anything to trade in return besides from some Head Smash Aron I caught today. I could do you a little drawing or pixel for your sig though instead (or just have my eternal love and thankfulness).

My FC is: 1375-8550-1401

thank you!!

(also I'm in the UK, so I use GMT as a heads up)

 I'll help if you want?
 Whatever time is best for you, I'll edit this with my fc in a sec.

 0189 8980 3790

Sorry I'm rubbish at replying! I'm free pretty much all day today so just give me a pm or something when you're online on your 3DS. I've added you!


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