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Richard and Blaziken:
This is probably useless here, but I'm beginning to breed competitive Pokemon in generation 7, I'd be interested in breedjects (3-4 perfect IV Pokemon), good HA Pokemon, as well as interesting things. Don't be afraid to offer! Here's what I have:

Vulpix - Timid - Snow Warning
EMs: Frost Breath, Moonblast
Love Ball

Scyther - Adamant - Technician
EMs: Vacuum Wave, Night Slash

Mareanie - Bold - Regenerator
EMs: Haze
Premier Ball

Pichu - Timid - Static
31/x/31/31/31/0 - HP Ice (Bottlecap the Speed)
Fast Ball

Mimikyu - Jolly - Disguise
Beast Ball

Honedge - Quiet - No Guard
EMs: Shadow Sneak, Destiny Bond
Heavy Ball

Wimpod - Adamant - Wimp Out
EMs: Aqua Jet
Premier Ball

Eevee - Bold - Adaptability
EMs: Wish
Ultra Ball

Salandit - Timid - Corrosion
Love Ball
Pain in the ass to breed

Cubone - Adamant - Lightningrod

Cutiefly - Timid - Shield Dust
EMs: Moonblast, Baton Pass
Heal Ball

Slowpoke - Bold - Regenerator

Bagon - Naive - Rock Head
Dragon Dance, Hydro Pump, Dragon Rush, Dragon Pulse

FC: 1547-5283-8177

dan dan:
Yo what's up Richard!

I just beat the game with ideas of breeding some stuff. Found out you can chain Dittos to get 4 max IVs pretty easily... got these so far:

Ditto - Imposter - Careful

Ditto - Imposter - Adamant

Ditto - Limber - Careful

Ditto - Limber - Timid

Is there anyway to clone in SM yet? Apart from that, getting together my Synchronizers... and then deciding what on earth to try and breed first.

Would you be interested in breeding me a nice Scyther and I'll do something for you? I only have access to Moon mind. Was thinking of doing Toxapex, Araquanid or Flygon (Dragon Dance!) first.. but if you have any better ideas I'm open to them.

Richard and Blaziken:
Dan, check the first post! I hadn't checked this for a few days because I didn't expect replies, but you're definitely welcome to one of my perfect Scyther! If you have or can breed a DD Trapinch that would be sweet. I'll check this more frequently!

sans the skeleton:
hi richard, interested in a perf scyther, though the only things i currently have to offer are basic togepi, tepig, and horsea.

Richard and Blaziken:

--- Quote from: Poison2007 on December 03, 2016, 17:50 ---hi richard, interested in a perf scyther, though the only things i currently have to offer are basic togepi, tepig, and horsea.

--- End quote ---

What ability does Tepig have? o:


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