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LF: Female Midday Lycanroc


I'm looking for a female midday Lycanroc that can be nicknamed before the trade (nicknamed Louby). I have just started the game so I don't have any valuable Pokemon to trade back...  :( Supposedly, I could offer Moon version exclusives in return. (My friendcode is 276699961322).

What levels are your Pokémon currently? If you've just started it might be too early to use a Pokémon that is caught at level 41-44, and you could catch one yourself during the day once you've finished the game.

I think a better idea would be to catch yourself a Rockruff, then when it reaches level 24 trade it to a Sun user such as myself so they can evolve it for you into the form that you want.

That's actually a better idea. Thanks!


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