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The name master:
Could someone do a couple of recolours of the sprite?

One with a green body and a purple feet, tail, nose and belly.

For the other, can you reverse those colours? (purple body green feet, tail, nose and belly.)

You do know recolours are the easiest sprites to do, right? You could probably manage it on your own, no problem. But, I'm kinda bored and enjoy recolouring sprites, so here:

If you want to make more sprites with this colour scheme, then sample the colours from these and use them for other sprites. I suggest you sample the colours from the main body of each, since there are more shades in those. I find it helps if you make a little colour pallet off to the side on your workspace and use that to figure out how many shades you need.

The name master:
Thanks for the sprites!  ;D

I doubt I have any software for editing sprites!

No problem. Like I said, I was in the mood to do those.

Do you have mspaint? That works well for sprites.


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